chinese ship, ray wang (2D)


I’m in love with the lighting, it seems minimal yet creates an atmosphere of sadness for the ship run aground.


nice work! :bounce:


Congrats!! for the award!! your work really deserved it! Cheers and looking to your new :slight_smile:



I really really happy. I really didn’t expect I can possess the award. thanks for your encourage. really:) If not for your support I can not persist until now.
I thank I will do my better~




great job!! I love the atmosphere you created for this illustration!


Simply beautiful!


Wow, this is pretty amazing!


Its Dedication like this that makes me cry

I can never pull this off on my Dual Core :frowning:

11/10! you’ve broke the limit


Amazing ship design! great work!



what a ship! Superb work!


What a beautiful, fantastic piece. The design of the ship is really cool and the atmosphere is magical…


Excellent work! Very much it is pleasant to me! :thumbsup:


nice work on the overall colors! thumbs up!


tai li hai le


great work…


Great mood and lighting, really dig the details!



Wow! Thats really quite amazing! Love how your technique works so well here.


I like the color palette nice and subdued for the atmosphere, great work


Very cool concept! Excellent all over!