chinese ship, ray wang (2D)


Title: chinese ship
Name: ray wang
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

I always intend to paint a concept of ship. I tried many kinds of idea, but nothing I want. Until last month, a turret boat parking in the lake catches my attention when I am going for an outing with my friend, then I came back home and drew it immediately.
In ancient time in china, at the beginning the turret ship is treated as powerful battleship and controlled by chief commander.
However I prefer the feeling of peace rather than war. Then I depict a ancient merchant ship which is ran aground in the canyon.

Hope you like it


Lovely work … I really like this illustration


Wonderful!! love the lighting, design and composition a lot! 5 stars and congrats!


great use of lighting and a strong composition. Overall excellent piece


amazing!!! really love the design


Brilliant image, nice set of colors, strong composition and sense of depth, 5+
I hope this will be more promoted, frontpage or award!


thank a lot everyone~ your encourage is my biggest impetus~:)


fantastic indeed! lovely, strong mood.
i might add a little breathing space, below or above, just a humble opinion…:).



After long time I saw beautiful artwork…great work :slight_smile:


you are right~ I agree with you. I will try it again, make it best.:slight_smile:


Nice work, love render and lighting.
Really really nice illustration.


Great concept, love it! :thumbsup:


Amazing Illustration!
I liked to much the way that the brush strokes compose the awesome environment!


fantastic work… congrats


It`s a winner. Truly superb. 2 thumbs up. Very original and I love the concept. This one too will go to my pen drive for future reference.


thats very nice of you wangrui001, to consider that. that was just a humble suggestion, i even like it as it is. very strong looking work with great mood.


yeah~ Brush is very very good thing when we have understood it.
although, still need practice more:)


thanks for your support~ I will try my better.
by the way, I am creating a new work name<lion dance>. That’s ancient chinese dance,it will very interesting. If you like chinese Art, don’t miss it:)


Congrats! Very well done :slight_smile:


Fabulous work!cool,man.