Chinese Opera Performer, Kuman (3D)


here’s my latest character project
a chinese opera performer

hope you dig it
c & c welcome


–software used–
modeling - 3ds max poly modeling
(all hand modeled except for triangular back flags and backdrop red curtains which were cloth simulation with some later vertex tweaking)

texturing - photoshop and bodypaint2
(all textures hand painted except for the slight cloth bump, reflection in eyes, wood on floor which were photo source with tweaking from the 3dtotal texture cd’s)

rendering - 3ds max scanline (no gi, radiosity or photometrics used)
composite and post - photoshop
additional software used - digimation shag hair and stitch for fur and cloth simulation


here’s a bright light shot where you can check out the details a little better



last one
a gray shade and wire

thanks for checkin it out


amazing!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: great work, i just love it!:love: :smiley:


hey man, thats pretty damn impressive. great modelling, especially on that headpiece, quite exquisite :p. the texturing is very good as well, and adds a lot to the model.

theres only two things im not sure about :

  1. The balls on his hat, in the final render, they look photoshoped, and also, its quite hard to see how exactly they are attached to the base. it detracts my eye away from the rest of the model, which is a shame, because its great.

  2. The look on his face, to me, doesn’t look right for his stance. he looks shocked, whereas the rest of his body looks as if hes quite calm and subdued, maybe hes worried about falling off the top of those crazy shoes :p.

besides that, its a great model and texture :bowdown:


:bowdown: GOD


I’ve seen your WIP on … Absolutely awesome work!

Keep it up! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


Wow! Need I say more?

-Very nice modelling job, very detailed! :beer:




Awsome, no words…




Where are the moderators and admins this is cgtalk award material :bounce:


This turned out phenomenally well, Kuman :thumbsup:
I can’t really find anything to crit because I love the way it looks. I love the dramatic lighting and I like his pose too - it’s a little mysterious. Your shading work is really great, and the colours you’re using are extremely effective and moody. Fantastic work!



great work!
I somehow feel like I’ve seen this before, tho


This is absolutely amazing! I especially like the way you did the folds in his clothing but everything is top notch. Fantastic job.


:surprised :bowdown:


Good luck with expose dude!


stupendous work! i bet Maxon would lke to plug this as a fine example of their software



You’ve posted this before right?
There aren’t 2 of these out there, are there?


The amount of work you’ve put into this is terrifying! It is nice to see it in it’s finished glory. :smiley:

My only crit would be that given the huge level of detail you achieved with the cloth modelling (I must thankyou for the video you made!), it’s a shame to see it ‘lost’ amongst such an ambiguous specular… To me, it just makes some areas look retouched when the detail is right there in the model.

That said, of course it’s such a blindingly complex modelling/texturing job that you clearly know what you’re doing and can point and laugh at me. :blush: