Chinese Animation Studio Sues Apple


“Shanghai Animation Film Studio has sued Apple in a Beijing court alleging that Apple sold its movies without consent. The state-owned studio is seeking just over $500,000, saying Apple and its Chinese subsidiary sold more than a hundred of its films including Calabash Brothers and Black Cat Detective, according to[color=white] The South China Morning Post. Apple’s taken a bit of a bite in China recently. In September, a Beijing court ordered the company to pay China Encyclopedia Publishing $84,000 in compensation for providing download services without approvals and earlier this week, it was in court in a patent infringement case involving its Siri voice-activated personal assistant. “We want to keep tight-lipped on this case because, as we see it, it’s just a litigation in which we want to get compensation,” an official from the Shanghai studio told the newspaper”[/color]


Don’t suppose the fact that China has cloned and reproduced every conceivable product, ignoring patents and copyright would help Apple here.


Shoe, meet other foot!


For some reason, I find this hilarious on so many different levels.


Maybe the current date has something to do with it ;


lol :smiley:
chinese are the most successful falsification in the world :smiley:

and apple is the biggest company in the world with 40$ billion yearly pofit


Isnt china famous for ripping shit off?



I had went to the Magic Show (clothing apparel for commercial companies to sell their goods to retailers) last year and attended a seminar about covering your butts with trademarks and the like globally. One of the gentlemen on the panel had a billion dollar business and 3 factories globally that produce his clothing line, china being one of the locations.

If those of you don’t know, china is a country that is a “first to file” country. This poor guy that had been homeless and created a empire from scratch had one of his employees from his china plant take all his patterns and went to the registrant and filed the designs first and now the owner has to sue which will cost him millions for the designs he created. He can’t produce any of his own product and some #$@% gets the chinese governments support to defend his actions.

A example: If coke had not gone thru the filing of their brand name correctly, even though they have been around over 100 years, some guy could sketch the logo, walk into a building and come out the owner of the brand. Just because you are established anywhere in the world with your business, art or brand, if you don’t have it registered in china, you don’t own it in their eyes.

So, if you want to cover your butts from property theft in countries like china, do the research about first to file, design patents, intellectual property rights, etc… research for established companies in the said countries and work with them to produce products for you. If there is property theft of your art within the country like china, you will have MUCH more leverage to have bootleggers stopped by authorities than by your own efforts.


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