Chimpanzee, Jacques Defontaine (3D)


Title: Chimpanzee
Name: Jacques Defontaine
Country: Belgium
Software: Modo, Mudbox

This is an old WIP I revisited recently. The base mesh was done in Modo, the detailing in Mudbox. I also did something like 80 % of the textures in Mudbox and the rest back in Modo. The shading, lighting and fur was finally rendered in Modo 401.

Comments and critiques are welcome!

Thank you,



amazing picture .
is the fur made with modo or mudbox ?

again very very good job :applause:


Superb sculpt and render!


awesome, looks real :slight_smile:


Saw this over at the Luxology forum, it’s awesome stuff.

Excellent image.


Waow, it looks perfect. Where’s Tarzan ? :smiley:


Awesome photorealism. Perfect work!


Outstanding as usual Jacques, lovely work on the eyes.


very good work he is amazing image or real image very nice

good luck 4 ever :applause:


Superb work, Jacques! :bowdown:

I’m sure you can fool others into thinking this is a photo of a real chimp. :smiley:


wow, really natural and photo-realistic. I really like it. :slight_smile:


Awesome work Jacques! well done :buttrock: Modo is a cool app.

The hair you made is out standing!


Amazing work man.Congrats!!:wink:


stunning! congratulations!


love the eyes - you totally captured that look they have!


Ca déchire !
Great work, as always. i like the expression :buttrock:


Whaou! The eyes are so realistic, so the fur either.

Can you show us some wires of your job?:smiley:


outstanding work! you are the primate master. this piece makes me want to try out modo


this image is more than the words can describe. Realism redefined.


Wow! OMFG! I thought it’s a photo of my boss! GOSH!

Seriously, it is really great. Congrats.

I would only criticize s/he’s too clean, not dirty :).