Chimney Room, Shar (3D)


Title: Chimney Room
Name: Shar
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max

All greetings! Work did for itself, on a free theme in style of Russian nobility
Separate thanks the friend from Bulgaria Candelero for chairs
I shall be glad to hear your opinion on work


wow… I thought it was a picture at first glance…
I really like this image…

If u want some critics or suggestions…
I think the reflection of the chairs are a little bright on the floor…
I know it’s getting the direct sunlight but still too bright imo…
Also the floor tiles… there is dark part on each tiles and it’s kinda distracting…

but overall i think u did a great job m8~!!

oh is that stain on the mirror?


Great work SHAR! Awesome lighting :thumbsup:


Awesome. Just like all your stuff.:thumbsup:


very impressive realism- my only crit is the bump on the floor is a bit overdone, other than that I think it’s superb.


5 stars for me!!! fantastic work!


Stunning render, as mentioned, the only thing that detracts is the high bump on the floor.


Great work friend

Lighting is too good ,More natural than other CG interiors


hi very good!:thumbsup: but there is too much bump on the floor!


All many thanks, for comments of my work.
With kind regards


:thumbsup:another five star for me!


wow…very nice Arch. Viz …G8:thumbsup: !
Personal opinion ; dont like the flooring texture…you may use diffrent color wooden tiles and scene will rock!

Anyways …g8 work …Keep it up!


Incredible scene. Just incredible!!


I agree, the light on the chairs is a bit too much, maybe.

I think that there are some parts of the scene that are a bit dark, I guess if the light from the sun is so bright on the chairs I think that maybe below the table should be more visible.

The rest is very good, nice details on the ceiling and on the walls and on the fireplace as well.

Good work! :thumbsup:


Really great render. I like the bump on the wood floor, too often people makes wood floors highly reflective and smooth, too clean. Most wood floors do have a texture if they are real wood. I think you nailed it. Lighting, rendering, and modeling all look great. Very impressive.


That’s one nice room you got there! Great work! Perfect lighting. :thumbsup: The only thing I would like to change is to decrease the bump map on the floor.


The lighting really does make this render. Well done.


great work, 5 star. How long did the render take ???


Great Picture! Exelent lighting
very impressive realism


Thanks all !!! :slight_smile: