Chimæra, Diane Özdamar (2D)


Very original charachter and fantastic rendering! Congratulations!!:thumbsup:


Thank you very much Harachte!


I was wondering if you had hand painted all of the beads. Painstaking route to take, I know,…but it really does make a huge difference in the overall quality. I am still hoping I’ll find a way in the future to shortcut detailed work like this in some way or another though… there’s just not enough time in the day!


Aha, you’re right… I had planned to finish 2 paintings during the week but all those tiny details took me way too many time so I’ve only been able to finish one, working day and night! But I think that it was worth the effort :slight_smile:


Looks great. Love the anatomy.


great design, very original and visually interesting. the pallete works really well. congrats, 5 stars for sure!


The character is very original, love the color match! :thumbsup: What can i say, is beautiful.


Thank you very much Bif, Joelfurtado and LittleLizard :slight_smile:


they face is quite unique and haunting, the hair is amazing, everything else works well too. Nice work there.


Great Painting. Love the Details 5*s :eek:



Thank you very much G-FLUX and SeifoSid :slight_smile:


It’s been a long time since your previous Diane. And you’ve really made an impressive comeback. This is indeed a very distinctive work of yours. The creature is beautiful, yet scary (I wonder how you could paint her “costume” and the other details so patiently). I wish you did more things for the background, cuz the creature is so great while the background is too empty.
Flawless -> 5 stars.


Thanks a lot pnkdan! :slight_smile: The background is empty because I just wanted to focus on the creature without adding anything that could detract from it, it’s just a character design :slight_smile: I may paint another picture involving this creature in an environment though!
Thanks again :slight_smile:


wow, cool character, brilliant execution!

Nice mix! :slight_smile:
Very unique character, that’s something really good.





Hmm really nice characterization…Nice colorization…Fantastic…Keep up the good work…Cheers:)


Thank you very much Djampa, Samuraikuroi and Hasansgrafix :slight_smile:


How cool is this?? WOW, impressing!


Thank you Inga :slight_smile:


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