Chimæra, Diane Özdamar (2D)


Title: Chimæra
Name: Diane Özdamar
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Hi !
First of all, I’m sorry for having been away for so long, I’ve been very very busy, so I’ve not really had time to paint or comment on artworks, it may change soon though since I’m going to have some free time.

About the painting : this is a character design for a personal project, it was meant to look like some kind of a mix between various animals (lemur eyes, sheep horns, some kind of bat wings looking hands, etc…) and human being, I hope you’ll like it.

Photoshop CS, wacom intuos 3A4, 50 hours approx, no refs used.

Feel free to comment and crit :slight_smile:



I like the body.


What a beautiful character, very well executed. You really impress me with this creation. :applause:
[font=Arial](I expected it to have breasts ( or more…:slight_smile: ) though, Judging by its posture (with the JL butt) and the lovely dress. ) [/font]

5* from me!


^ em ^…it is a great painting!! i impress by the character design and the color rendering!


really great character, like the colors …


A very interesting creature, hehe. Well-done!4stars


Diane! you know i love it! x)
beter and beter!


Wow! Vraiment superbe. Excellent concept de personnage.


greaaat work.! I like the colors.


really original!


wow! awesome design for the character, really cool horns man!


Really good indeed! 5 stars!:thumbsup:


I just love this! :love:


What a huge jump from your previous posts. This is quite astounding. Not only the subtle color shading but above all the muscle, horn and overall anatomy creation is amazing.

Claws/hands are spot on and the DoF is very well done.

I know it’s not up to me but I would love to see this get a cgtalk award. It’s not only beautifully executed and painted it’s also very originall concepted.

For some reason the black background seems a bit harsh - but I am not sure what would have worked better.


Thank you so much for all your kind comments boutiquecraft, Emile, DerrickSong, Gune, gG, nëkro, Bemol, Ahmeterdogan, Kalensir, icyx, XingleiXuan, Stina and Tasha! Much appreciated :slight_smile:
I don’t think that this work is really worth an award since I feel that I’m still lacking of practise but your kind words make me feel very very happy :slight_smile:
Emile : I have thought of adding breasts, but I’ve finally kept the original flat chest :slight_smile: Thanks a lot my friend!

Thanks again for your comments, very much appreciated!


thats brilliant work Diane…:thumbsup:. the palette, details, expression and the pose, all wonderfully done. ah, there is so much to see and enjoy…beautiful work.



Beautiful attention to detail and unique take on the subject matter.
I like how she appears to be a monster while still holding a strong female presence.

How did you go about creating that beaded dress?


Thanks a lot Waheed and Rebekahlynn! :slight_smile:
I’ve painted all of those tiny beads without copying them and pasting them because it looked too artificial, so it has been very time consuming :slight_smile: I had first planned to make this creature a little bit aquatic, adding some fins and other things like that and painting a dress made of fish eggs but I’ve decided to make it look more like a cave creature (because I’ve already done lots of mermaids and other aquatic creatures) and the original design has changed to end looking like the actual painting :slight_smile:


this is so well-done! Is it me or is she looking tortured? Keep up the amazing work.


Thank you very much Christina! She (it ? ) is indeed meant to look a little bit tortured, I’m glad it worked ^^