Children's Book Illustrations - 2D / 3D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL


What could be meaner than burning a little girl’s doll?

Great work everyone so far!!



I have a six pack now from laughing so hard. :scream: Thank you.

Ah, it is good indeed to know that there are others out in there in the digital community with a similarly twisted framework of mind. Rock on, my slightly off-kilter brother! :thumbsup:


Desaturated Grandpa Haiku
Like ripples outward
the sky
the lake
A pear


At last! She emerges from the shadows! This piece rocks! Oh, I am having a most excellent morning. It is good to wake up to such cool dysfunctional funness! Desaturated Grandpas, Bonfire of the Dolls, oh my!

If you offer them a chance to express dysfunction…they will come… :slight_smile: Thanks for joining the party, paperclip! :slight_smile:


Indeed it is fun to mess with little kids. J/K :slight_smile:

Excellentage. This is going to be a good couple of weeks.

Kirt ~ I see your Desaturated Grandpa and I raise you er, haven’t thought of it yet.

Ok, bye.




Hmm. . . now we have two “twisted children’s book illustration” threads. :rolleyes:


Quick sketch… cranky old guy at a restaurant complaing about his soup being cold (when indeed its not)…

  • Leo



That is AWESOME!!! Your ability to depict cranky old men ASTOUNDS!!! :slight_smile:



Indeed. :slight_smile:



He came out rather sleepy thank cranky… :confused:



lol!!! His t-shirt KILLS me! I can just picture him saying “Meh…donuts…beer…meh!” :slight_smile: AWESOME!!

Thanks for posting this! :scream:



my granny is still wip… but she knows KUNG FU


Thanks for inviting me for the chalenge Rebeccak. This is my first try. Maybe i´ll make another one later, it´s been very fun!


Can we post WIP’s here or just our final entry?

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Here’s my final entry! I didn’t think this was possible Rebeccak (I kept telling her I didn’t have time)! :smiley: But I did this one in like 5 hours. I used Corel Painter IX trial.

This is a painting of a cranky old man and he hates it when people (especially kids) look at him!

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I accidentally posted twice… my internet connection has been acting up… you can delete this post if you want.

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I am cackling incessantly as I write this ~ Rockin’ Piece!!! :scream: Ah…nothing like good humor on an early Sunday morn to waken the senses! Thanks a bunch for posting this! See ~ my diabolical plan is working, and NONE OF YOU WILL BE SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR FAMILIES!!! HA HA HA!!!




My initial character sketch and coposition sketch. He is the ONE he is the Robot slayer!

Kirt: sweet work:)

Her0d: ha ha seems like an old punk grandpa


Ok, here is a sneak preview of my old woman…her main beef is that she’s got boobages down to her ankles, a nuisance for any old lady who just wants to take a walk without tripping, for crying out loud!

Alrighty, be gentle… :slight_smile:

[left]Enjoy! I think :smiley: [/left]


A woman that thinks her heart is under her left breast…well i guess she would stab herself on her knee if she wants to commit suicide.


ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Good point… :slight_smile:



Kirt’s so gonna win this, my humble opinion :slight_smile:

what an annoying looking bastard he drew,hehe

yours is pretty cool too, vegabros :thumbsup:



Yeah, Kirt’s entry still gives me a chuckle, even after multiple views! Ah, the magic of cheese…mmm…cheese…:scream:

BTW, feel free to post WIP, it’s pretty darn entertaining that way…:slight_smile:



Yeah, great job, Kirt! I think that one’s going to be pretty tough to top! :slight_smile:

Looks like I got here too late: I was all set to post some childrens’ work I’d done, but now everyone has moved on to cranky old men, and my cute childrens pieces are no longer relevant. :sad:
Oh, well, next time the childrens’ art topic comes around, I’ll be ready…! :slight_smile: