Childhood Police Car, Samer Ragheb (3D)


Title: Childhood Police Car
Name: Samer Ragheb
Country: Saudi Arabia
Software: 3ds max, AutoCAD, mental ray, Photoshop

Hi …

This is a privte art work, I made it for my self and my brother as a present .
I didn’t fully loaded my work with so many items ,
I choose to make it simple and focus on the car.
It’s a small police toy car my father bought to me in 1971, and we used to play with it during our childhood.
The car is Matchbox , 7.6cm length only.
I used photo references & constructed a plans for the car to build in 3DMax 2010 , then I textured by unwrapping the car and fit texture in Photoshop CS4 .

I hope you’ll like it, Comments are most welcome.



It’s rlly nice and plastic!

Nice work!


Thanks AnalyzerCro …

Here is some more shots for clarification .


nice render :wink:


I ’ ve always believed in you and what you are doing…nice work .


Excellent! Very nice render and texturing.


agreed very nice work


Thanks to all of you,

I appreciate your opinions, I hope to do more next time concerning details.


Wow I got exactly this one. Its was much more scratched then yours but i loved it :rolleyes:
Great picture. Very realistic. Especially the car is looking amazingly photoreal.
Phantastic work. Thanks for those good old memories!

Cheers Silverwing


Great photography skills…when did you buy this camera!!!


Brother …

This is a piece of art … and a great memory too …
Thanks for this … it means a lot to both of us :slight_smile:
You are a great brother anyone could ever have …

Think about doing the three wheeled bicycle next …


This is so nice Samer …
Great render and texture … :thumbsup:


Awesome work, I even like the back side render more. :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot Silverwing & it’s good to share something like this with someone

Special thanks to my brother & looli , Your opinion means a lot :love:

For the tricycle I don’t remember the exact detail :curious: but I’ll keep it in my mind …


looks great! :thumbsup:


really i like it this toys car i love it 2 much

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


I like this a lot.

I think that the render, perhaps could be a little better in terms of lighting (Scene is quite dark at the focus point and the harsh shadow under the car sort of detracts a little from teh scene) and camera setup (the position of the camera).

But apart from that, i think this is a really nice scene and some excellent modeling skills.


Dear Siso

I had to restore my account in CGS…very nice rendering…congrat…y vote is YES!!!


This is the second reply…I don’t know what’s happening…I vote YES for your toy police car…

Fufuba (mom)


Detail Freak … :surprised