Child With Teddybear In Crowd Of People, Ania (3D)


Title: Child With Teddybear In Crowd Of People
Name: Ania
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds Max, Corel Photopaint

Deducated to my Teddybear :wink:

I hope you like the scene.

Took me some months to make it (but with breaks inbetween). It’s the biggest scene I ever made.
I modelled 10 different types of people for the background, plus the child and bear. The grey people have more details than are visible, I did some useless work there.
I animated feets and hands of all background people for the motion blur.
The child made me much problems, cause I wasn’t very good at modeling that time.
I didn’t use references, except for the bear. Now I know I better should have used, but it’s too late, and I’m not going to make such a scene again.
The scene made awfully many render errors, I started rendering maybe 20 times before it rendered it successfully.
The most annoying scene I ever made… I was glad to be finished and hope it’s not too bad.

Thanks for viewing.

All comments are welcome.


Wow…very cool pic :)! I like it alot :)…


it looks a bit lowpoly. could you shown some wire? but indeed the story is interessting.


Good Job.

The only thing I think was looking strange, is the texture of the ground (for me, its looking a little strong, sharp …) and the texture of the bear its not looking like a fur, its looking isopor


I have the wireframe, how can I attach the image to my post? I don’t find, is there a button?

yes it is a bit lowpoly, firstly I couldn’t do better that time (this winter, in the meantime I learned a bit more, but not much), secondly I had to keep the scene not too big, because it didn’t want to render. it has over 100 kb altogether (but partly because of stupid animation method), and my ciomputer isn’t fast enough for that.

it’s an old bear (18 years), all the fur is gone out…
apart from that I don’t know how to make good fur in max, I don’t have shag fur plugin.

yes the ground is bad, everybody says that, I know. but I don’t have enough patience to render again with other ground.

next scene will be better, I hope. I’m trying to learn from mistakes which I made in previous scenes. thanks for your help with that :slight_smile:


What causes rendering to take so long?
Lighting? Or because there are a lot of polys to render ?

Anyways, nice work, wish I could make that. :sad:


lightning (area lights), many polys, displacement (the folds in the clothes of the child are displacment map, not modelled, and the ground), motion blur, atmospherics (2 kinds of fog), and maybe soething more about which I don’t know.


wow great work :applause: nice texturing and modelling, looks good with the child in color and everything else in B&W like that :thumbsup:


Yes, very nice concept, enhances the isolation feeling, like the child is alone… lost.

There’s the same thing in Schindler’s List, the girl in red, remember ?


I like this a lot. Maybe depth of field might help. Right now I see more detail in the crowd than I need to. I have a habit of ‘overmodelling’ as well, but I guess if it doesn’t show it should be okay.



i really like the texture of the bear , and the contrast between the child and the cold background.

Great work! :applause:


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