Chikushodo (one of Six Paths of Pain) - Naruto Shippuden


Hello everyone, I’ll try to participate at the Anime 3D Fan Art Challenge.
I choose one of the six bodies of Pain and try to create her on the giant dog with multi heads ( just the heads).

Here is my first attempt, I’ll have to add the cylinders and work the hair.


New shape for the hair, I think the clothe need to be improve and wonder if the proportion is good or not.
Any critiques and advices are welcome. :slight_smile:


She was the summoner right? I don’t remember them all but I do remember the female Pain.

At first glance the arms need reworking. Its hard to tell without seeing it from the top but the elbows look like a bent tube instead of a flexed arm. Bending the arm is only part of it, then you need to sculpt the details so the elbow flares out correctly. The opposite side of the elbow also needs to contract as the muscles flex. The mass of the wrist should be a bit thicker too. When it bends the mass there will start bunching up and get thicker.

The fingers don’t look right either but after a quick google I think you do have the sign right. Something about that 3rd finger joint not being bent always looks weird to me.

You can probably split the cloak up higher too. I know when the wind hits those things in the anime they will split up to their chest sometimes and flare way out.

Definitely a good start, keep it up.


Thanks for your comment, I agree, I will try to find some good photo references with this pose to improve my lacks of knowledges on anatomy.

She was the summoner right? I don’t remember them all but I do remember the female Pain.

Yes, you’re right, I forgot to post the picture of her from the anime.




Hello everyone, I didn’t have enough time to work ( and I think I will not finish for the contest but I still carry on), here is actually my step :

I’m not convinced by her face, I have to improve it.
Advices and tips are welcome.


Hey man,

What’s your goal with the fabric pose? Is there meant to have air blowing up from underneath? Even for a stylized sculpt, it looks odd. It might look better with the edges curled outwards, and less trapped air.

Are you sculpting it by hand? Is your base mesh a bunch of even squares, or did you model in the wrinkles with edge loops?


My idea with the fabric pose is the moment when she spells the head dog, there is a kind of blowing from the wind. I’ll try improve this by sculpting but I didn’t find some good reference images, maybe it will be more efficient to use maya ncloth…

For the bunch of spheres, I was thinking a directionnal wind could give a dynamic pose, perhaps something more circular around the basement gives better results.

Here is my ideas, I will sculpt the shape by hand.


Update :

I think Ok with the cloth ( maybe need less wave on folds).


Update, I added the smoke, re-arranged the girl’s face (still not convincing, I will improve this).

  • Corrections on her face :


Hi everyone, almost done (maybe ?), I’m testing some renders with zbrush ( lightcap) for final result. I’m not completely satisfied with the lighting, or perhaps some parts from the character need some improvements.

What do you think ?


another shot :


Much improved. Her eyes look a little crossed in the front view. I can’t tell in this last render.


Thanks !
The crossed eyes probably come from the lighting. Finally, I could submit this :
For the challenge it’s done. But before submitting on my gallery, I take a couple of days to have another eye on it (maybe there 're still some imperfections that I can correct quickly). Feedbacks are still welcome, cheers !