Chico Bento, Tiago Hoisel (2D)


Title: Chico Bento
Name: Tiago Hoisel
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

This is an illustration I did as a part of the book MSP +50, which is a tribute to the greatest comic artist of Brazil, Mauricio de Sousa. In this book 50 artists made their interpretations for the universe of the Monica’s Gang characters, Mauricio’s major creation. My first idea was to do a scene with almost the entire Gang, keeping the character’s original design. I changed my mind, after some friends suggestions I decided to make Chuck Billy’s (the original name in portuguese is Chico Bento) cartoon because it portrays very well a reality in Brazil.
In this image I tried a different resource and used Photoshop’s Lensblur to obtain a more realistic blurring effect.
To do that, I created an alpha channel simulating a 3D Depth field pass.


This very well


Excellent as usual.

May I ask what do you use the depth of field image for? Just personal reference or do you use it in some way?


This is a very nice approach to this character, on of my favs from Mauricio! The atmospehere in this image is so realistic. And you always combine wonderful colors with great humour!


Hehe,the best.Nicely done and you have a great sense of humor too!:slight_smile:


Ha …Ha ,Excellent work,great idea.


very funny!


u deserve all the best my friend! u’re ****ing talented!


great work! great idea!


Great Great Great!!! This is the picture that I have been waiting for a while! I have seen the boy character on your blog(website) and looking forward to see the full version…and it is very very great!..Love everything in this pic, the best of the best hehe! funny concept and wonderful rendering!..many thanks a lot for sharing the process and concept. You deserved more than award :slight_smile: congrats and keep inspiring us, please! Cheers

Have a wonderful day to you Tiago!!


fantastic job. and that little jumping guy at lower right corner. hehe.
good work on the expressions…:).


hahaha…love chico bento, muito legal!


Fabulous, as always!


I love your characters, really inspiring stuff.
Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Sweden.


That’s it ! I’m out of superlatives to describe your masterpieces !
Your work is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


Great work as usual and excellent idea … :beer:


great idea :bowdown: and amazing drawing


Love the concept, the style in the painting, and ofc the technical execution.


nice work.:wink:


cool characters! :slight_smile: