chicken wings


Unfortunatly this funky flying game never started.
Anyway I like it. Hope you do too
Picture shows the Max Viewport with 100% self illumination
It uses 3x512 bitmaps

plane texture

have fun


hehe moorhun

Nice mesh allthough the eyes are very dense and could of gone with an Octa geosphere.
There is also one vertex (actually 2) to much on each wheel. The ones in the middel. Delete that and just simpley connect the remaining.
The texture is good to allthough I don´t think it really fits the style of the pilot.

the 2 models fit together very well stylewise but the textures don´t. I also don´t really understand how or with what the wheels are connected to the plane.



it looks like the alpha on the struts isn’t working right? that’s my guess anyways. i agree with phil - really solid texture on the plane, but doesn’t seem to match the chicken much. The windshield in particular is quite good! The eyes seem very dense, but this character was in a lot of closeups that needed them for silhouette then I guess you gotta do what you gotta do!


Heya Phil:beer:

I haven’t done the moorhuhn model. Just the plane.
You’re off course right about the wheel vertics. Typicall mistake. It also saves perfomance.
Tri-Stripes I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

By the way the wheel is connected with just 2 untextured faces.
I also wondered how that worked


Both models again look awesome as well as the textures. The problem I see is the fact that the chicken is more cartoony style textures with lil detail and the plane is a very detailed worn texture. Try makeing the chicken texture more detailed if you want to make them match better.



Yep. That’s true.
The plan was to make also a “wounded” texture for the chicken. So it could give you a more visual feedback instead of just using a energy bar.

The wheel parts were never finished.
It was more something like a test and never ment to be the final ingame version.

I never modeled the engine. You know what that means :wip:


Im looovin that texture work on the side of the plane. Very Nice. The drop shaddow on the large ‘X’ is throwing me off a bit though.


true. That was a little bit too much 3d :blush:


Here’s another view


I really like the texture you made for the prop, it looks really good.


Very cool work!
Yet you could’ve spend some polys on a landing gear :wink:


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