Chicken Cow - Modelling


Hi to all. I’ve decided to model the chicken-mutant-cow, and since Kirt can’t provide the modelling sheet for this one, I made a rough sketch myself.

I post it here to start and to receive suggestions about the look the model should have. I post it too to see if I can get an image to show in the thread :wink: (it’s my first post with an image attached).

I’ll show you the progress as I advance.


Well, the image didn’t show at the end…

Oh, if anyone has any reference of the look of a chicken with its wings extended, please send me!


Hi again. Not much movement here, uh? Not much to see yet, anyway. Yesterday I began modelling, just wanted to show you the progress to get some feedback. I started in the cow-only features, so I can made a complete cow after finishing the chicken one if Kirt likes it, to make more cattle variation. Now it comes the fun part of the model.

BTW, I still need some reference for the chicken wings (no joking), unless this mutant is going to be still and doesn’t extend his wings in its short shot in the short (my tongue is tangled ;)).

I uploaded the image to my server. Let’s see if this time it show up…



Another wip. I can’t get the f***** to show the images here… Maybe the server doesn’t admit direct linking? Or am I doing other thing wrong? Anyway…

By the way… am I here all alone?


right now you seem to be alone :wink:

most everyone is pretty occupied with other (payed) projects right now… but don’t let that discourage you

slap me if you already tried this(and edited your posts because it didn’t work, in that case it’s probably a server problem), but the way to make your images show up in the thread is the tag


btw, it’s probably a good idea to wait for kirts aproval before you put a lot of time into this!


Thanks for telling something! So the project is kind of frozen ATM? Well, you are right about waiting for Kirt’s aproval, but modelling the chicken-cow was so fun! I think I’ll come back to my own animation project and “wait for orders”.

Here is the last image (I don’t expect it to show now, just click the link if you want :wink: )

BTW, Fist, I can not see your explanatory image about the tag :o



remove the items in red from the following tag …

Your image is up and down in the couple times that I’ve edited this post. I’d say your provider isn’t very good and they’re having server issues. :smiley:

The chicken cow is looking good … keep going on it and I’ll drop in if there is anything I see to change. Just keep in mind that I don’t get to see the forum everyday. So, name your files in sequence to match the updates just in case I suggest you go back a few steps to fix something.


OK, here is an update. I’ll try to be more patient :wink:

I’m still unsure about the wings. Should they be “operative”?

Waiting for orders, my captain :wink:


For the brief 1 or 2 seconds that this mutation will be on the screen, wings don’t have to be operative. However, if one of the animators feels a wing flap would make the shot more humorous … it’d be a shame that the model didn’t have them.

So, in the interest of possibly using this model for other “out takes” and extending the scene a bit … I’d say go ahead and give it the full treatment. Better safe than sorry :smiley:


Well, here is an update with the wings. I’m kind of stuck with this state of the model. I guess I should made the eyes? Maybe I should give this chick a tongue too.

When it’s finishel, maybe I’ll try to make some animation tests (with my own rig in max). Since I can’t make any animation of the short, maybe I can do some “out take” to composite if you like… Just thinking.



I have forgotten its breasts! Made some changes too to made it look more similar to Kirt’s concept.

Now, waiting for suggestions… And back to my personal animation project.

Cheers to all.


Again answering to myself, but I couldn’t resist making some changings I’ve spotted (mouth, legs…). Well, here it’s a render.



Hey oj, the wings proprtions would not be good for the rigging, and are you happy with those ears? or they are just still wip?
keepitup man…


Thanks for pointing something about the model, Ila. I was waiting for your comments. After all, you are the modelling director, right? Really, I didn’t think much about the ears. Now that you say it, I see they need some tweaking.

About the wings for the rigging… do you mean the posture, that they should be completely extended? Or is something about their proportions (size, shape…) what you see wrong?

I’ll show you the changes ASAP!



:slight_smile: I just want to talk when I think it’s needed!
yes I mean both ‘posture’ and the ‘proportion’, may it needs some details as feathers…something like that.
and they must be extended to the sides.
:slight_smile: goodwork


Sorry if I sound “demanding” to you, Ila, that wasn’t my intention. I just feel happy that you pointed me something so I could know how I was doing till now.

I tweaked the ears and changed the posture of the wings. But I’m unsure about adding feathers with geometry. I thought that could be done with textures, but if you want I can add some feathers here and there… or do you mean I should model complete rows of them? Just clarify me that so I can complete the model right.

Here’s what I’ve done so far (I’ve added a temporary procedural map for the cow’s skin):

And a close up of the head:


:smiley: hehe, no I didn’t think like that, it’s good that you find my words useful. you are doing this thing well.

ok, about the wing…I meant that I think it has too CUT-OUT shape, needs more detail in geo, emmm…let me explain more.
it needs atleast two row of feathers, covering and sliding a bit. the other feathers could be done with texture work easily.


Updating time! :slight_smile: I’d like to finish this model before I go out for hollydays, wich will be on august the 14th. I want to finish my animation project as well, mmm. Let’s see how is this going. Here is the update with more (geometry) feathers:

I think it’s time for a “cameraround” too, so you can see the model better from every angle. Here is the link (hoping it works :wink: )

Coments welcome, of course.



Well, definitely things aren’t moving here. I hope that doesn’t mean nothing wrong with the project… Anyway, I don’t even know what do you think of my model… it is an unimportant “actor” of the movie, but I like it, so I did a little animation test just to have fun, and decided to show it here. Don’t judge it too hard, it is just an hour of animation work, just to see the character move. Rig is even worse, since it will be rigged in maya if it is finally used for the movie.

Blah, blah, blah, well, here it is. Hope you like it (just 380Kb of download, so don’t be afraid ;):

Let’s make this project move!!


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