Chevrolet Vectra, TREXEL animation (3D)


Overall composition is very good, mood is also very good.
Modeling: it gets weird on some parts of the car, headlights and backlist very good.
Illumination: is not very good, a bit weird.
Materials: Carpaint is not good also, Tyre material: not good, looks like plastic (this is very hard to do right)…
Interior: The detail is very good, ilumination is weird…

2.5 stars from me, since I can´t rate like that I am giving you 3 stars…


Nice car model. Some stuff are boring me.

The lighting: well as an advertising theme, the mood is perfect, but the inner light is overbrighting some parts of the panel.

The carpaint shader: is too noisy and has glossy reflections when a car paint hasn´t it( I think)

The reflection, of the whole car is not good, example, the Chevrolet logo and the details around it are chrome( in the Brazilian release is) dunno the argentinian(if you´re showing the argentinian release).
You should increase the subdivisions of the reflections to avoid some noises.
There are some little problems on the modeling of the front panel.

That is, good work!


good modeling skills and great details.

my only comment would be the film grain is a bit much.
it gives a gritty look when it should be very clean.


Very nice job!!


[left]Extraordinary work both on Lighting, Modeling, Texturing and animation. Congratulations on the website too. The user interface and the way Trexel joined the awsome 3D Work you’ve done with the way it presents the car is trully remarkable… The animation of all the views and details of the car is excellent too!

Congratulations it’s a very very well done and well achieved work!


wow, rally so nise dude! :smiley:


really great job.
i like rendering

Hamed Katebi


Great Car!!!


this car look similar to the opel vectra:

Gr8 work :wink:





Well, that is good work! Can you show the polygon couter of character “external & interior” plz!


argentinos ?
felicitaciones ! (congratulations)



the silver metallic color of the car really blend well with the white-grey environment.
Although the colour is a little bit look the same, but the car still outstanding.

Good job.


great look and feel on the car.

now this isn’t a crit for you, but chevrolet is really getting desperate when they start copying design from european cars. It reminded me derectly to the opel when i saw it. Then i saw the car is called Vectra, while opel already has a vectra for some years now.
Not to mention selling daewoo cars with the logo of chevrolet.

anyway, i could advice you to try some more positive colored backgrounds (and more color in general) to make it all more attractive.



The texture of the inside is unbelievable.
Every detail inside is covered and it just looks just like the real thing.
Looking at this makes me want one.
Everything is accurately portrayed and that what makes this
as real as it gets.


amazing modeling:)


I just have to say wow! Works like this are part of the reason I am trying to get into this industry. Everytime I come to this site, I am amazed and inspired by all of the works around here.
I am currently studying 3D Animation and using 3ds Max. I haven’t come close to these types of works but, but when I see pieces like this I am truly inspired and just want to keep learning more.
I have a few rendered pics of some of my work on my prof. so if some of you professionals can go check it out and possibly give me some pointers or advice it would be greatly appreciated.


and the Holden Vectra. It was an Opel/Holden before a Chev - same car, General Motors rebadge them. The new pointiac GTO in the USA is actual our Holden Monaro. But the Monaro has a Chev motor in it Anyway, so go figure :wink:

The Car looks great :slight_smile: the environment is the same sort of theme to the current Holden ads here in Australia.


I would sharpen those crease lines to the car body a bit more for a more aggressive look. Also, the paint looks mushed, not much reflection and no glossy feel, doesn’t feel like an untouched Brand New car. The interior is awesome. 4.5/5 for me! keep up the good work.


very nice! fighting!!