Chevrolet Vectra, TREXEL animation (3D)


Title: Chevrolet Vectra
Name: TREXEL animation
Country: Argentina
Software: 3ds max, VRay

We made this images and a piece of animation for the new Chevrolet Vectra website. The idea was to let the visitor travel around the car, including the engine and the whole interior, to see some of the new features and design improvements.
A very large amount of photographs were taken from the vehicle to use them as blueprints for the modelling and texturing stages.
The lightning and postrpoduction where based on the graphic campaign designed for advertising this new model.
The car was made using 3D Max and VRay. Photoshop and After Effects were used for the finishing touches and layer composition.

Check our website for more pictures and the complete animation.


great job, good and detailed modeling…
shaderind and lightnin is good too…
good luck


Wow amazing modeling… especialy the
interior things… stunning materials and
lighting too… thumbs up! 5*


WOW! Congrats!!
Really outstanding!


WOW,great work!amazing


Fantastic !! CONGRATULATION!! :bounce:


You went out of mambo! (!!)
fantastic! :applause:
i wanna see the wires!


wow great work
we want the wiers


So cool job…so much detailes and the background nicely match with it.


Hey! Looks good this one, there seams to be some inaccuracies around the crease on the front bumper and the shader is a bit too blurry for my taste, but overall it’s a great piece!


Great work. elegant too .

My opinion, You should model the rubber tires lines or it’s not showing!! & take care for the
front bumper.

Keep up the good work.

5 Stars from me



Great and detailed work!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado (ALPINE)
[]( 356) (COKE)


wow look really cool. i need to learn those kind of rendering techs and color corrections


i’m not a big fan of cars, but this is quality work! trully - wow!


nice modeling!..


impressive render and details man !


Great Car! Very realistic! :thumbsup:


Thank you for all your feedback! Here are some wires.
See you soon!


NOT A 5 STARS IMAGE!! its looks mainstream one its not wort!!! artificial render and car paint


Nice! Really diggin the interior shots! “Like a Rock” as they say…solid man!