Chevrolet Camaro


I,m almost finished modeling the body of Chevy camaro. I make a test render with Vray carpaint material + HDRI. But i get on the car material strange dots. Is this vray settings problem or th car material.

Thanks for your help with this problem.

C&C are welcome.


Not sure if this would work, but you may check if the Show samples in Vray Render Settings(image sampler) is turned off. If you are using Light Cache as secondary bounce, try to increase the subdivs in a higher value. You may use Adaptive DMC as image sampler. The background needs to be bright also to match the the car’s glossiness. Keep up the good work!


Thanks, i change some settings and now i looks better

Now starting to model rest of the car and a simply interior


What 3d package are you using for modeling?


3ds max and vray


Update, look not bad, but the reflection on the door look strange, and the quality of the hdri in the background is very low. The black material lokks also strange for me.


What do you think about it.


Hi my friend,

the model looks good enough, but it would be nice to match the environmental light and reflections as per the background…it seems to be washed out in some arears…but if we focus only on model its awesome


I think your car is good but your camera lens need to be corrected, You but too much angle versus your background


Make some renders and post production in PS. Its not great but for a beginning it ok i think.


The first rendering in your last post looks a way better than the second one.

The car itself looks in general pretty good, but I think some corners and edges are a bit too sharp. Maybe I’m wrong. :wink:

Oh, and a brighter background would spend much more realism to your scene.


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