Chevrolet Aveo Mechanoid, Luciferx (3D)


Title: Chevrolet Aveo Mechanoid
Name: Luciferx
Country: Singapore
Software: 3ds Max 5, Vray

Hi, my first post here.
Freelance for a Advertisment company McCann Ericcson. Concept from the Art Director, I only execute the 3D.
C&C welcome. Thanx


wow that looks awesome…would love to see some more views. what is it with transformer lately? :slight_smile:


haha cool, great concept by your art Director, and nice job, shame you used that hdr :wink:


this is very cool piece. does it animate the transformation?
can we view more angles? very glad its by a artist from home too!


kickass work dude! Keep it up!


Fantastic! The modelling and lighting looks realli good. Great job!


wow cool :drool:


:bowdown: wow great job

can we see diffrent renders and wire
and an anim:))


I love the design!
Could u post some pictures showing how it unfolds from car to robot?

Keep it up :thumbsup:


great design!! :smiley: and totally clean modeling as well

is this supposed to be for an animation? does it actually work… would be too cool


Yes, please show more views. It is a really cool piece and I’m very curious to see more of it’s structure. Looks awesome.:thumbsup:


Yeah come on, if you’re going to do another transformer, at least give us the comon decency of some car-robot between poses.

The specular and texture looks spot-on on the green bodyparts, rellay good

what’s with the head though? did you get bored?



That design works incredibly well, but the legs seem a little empty compared to the other areas of the mech.


I like everething exept the man`s face! Great materials, great render.


I like everething exept the man`s face! Great materials, great render.


very original idea and well modelled


Looks great man!

Good job for the car paint :slight_smile:


yes! i have an idea of speed raace ! if u want !
super model ! :slight_smile:


I haven’t any word…



Does it actually transform?