Chessman, Miguel Chajtur (3D)


Nice character. Good work. :slight_smile:


nice strange pic.

3d version of chris vrenna’s tweaker album cover?


As you said it, this is the 3d version. :wink: (more or less)


Y mis respetos. Ya te había comentado en Patagones, pero nunca están demás las felicitaciones…5 estrellas para ti!


Nice Work Dude
Good Stuff


Awesome style, I like very much the character expression and the mood.


I’m having a really really hard time with Brazil r/s D.O.F. and Shag-fur & Shag-Hair! ;(
those two just wont get along with each other… ;(

But I think I found a way to work around this problem… hopefully!


super cool scene! i can totally see the sorren influence!



The chess board you have in this picture is exactly the same style as a one I own. It was hand made in Bosnia by a gentleman whose living was made from making these beautiful boards. Great attention to detail:)


I’m glad you like it, I got my board when I was in Boston, I take good care of it but one of my friends broke the white queen ;(
That friend happens to be Omar Carias! (you should check out his work in the Space Opera Challenge) but it was just one of the little balls, not much really :slight_smile:
I’m about to post the update of this image, so come back later if you want.


Good work:thumbsup:
Nice render

could you speak a little about lighting and shader you use ?

please iwant brazil setting


hahahaha very funny job, very good concept…


I linke his fingers and hands .
:applause: I like this .


Excelente trabajo estimado hooch muy impresionado con tu trabajo.


Well, here’s the Update, hope you Like it!


Marvellous!!!..wonderful!!!..there is no other words to say about this.


wow. the first thing that came to mind when i looked at your image was this album cover… they seem so similar any connection?


That’s the one I like the most of Joe Sorren’s Work! :thumbsup:


Used to have 4 Stars now only 3!
well, maybe next time…:shrug:


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