Chessman, Miguel Chajtur (3D)


Title: Chessman
Name: Miguel Chajtur
Country: Honduras
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I wanted to make a one Light Scene, some how I don’t like much omni lights.
Anyway, here it is, an inspiration based on my old man passion for Chess along with lots of Joe Sorren Paintings!. :wink:


• Great Job my friend! I like it very much! for being a single light scene it looks very good, I have nothing to crit, you made a great job bringing Joe Sorren’s style into 3D :thumbsup:

• 5 stars from me :smiley:


ahhhh i love it
excellent style :applause:
what did you used for the hair?


excellent work there.really elegant modelling, and I love the character/scene. nice colours.


CGG: Shag-hair & Shag-Fur where used in this image, render time: 3:25:28 on an Intel Pentium 4 2.5


A true gem.

I love the style, the render - everything.

My only crit is that it hasn’t got top billing on this site :smiley:


>>Well the crit I do have is that it’s so late in the game and he hasn’t castled and he has his pawn pushed to G4 :wink:


magnifico felicitaciones hooch!!!
me gusto mucho el estilo de la imagen.

saludos FUNK


i think this is frontpage work…awesome job with everything…only crit is why his face is smooshed right above his eye(the crease) is that his glasses jamming in?
5 stars


Yes, very impressive angle ! One sugestion, since the character is “surreal” modelled, maybe you could do that with some other objects in scene, giving it a “dept” of that cute character ! (like cup or chess pieces… :lightbulb )

Lovely ! :thumbsup:


I did not think of that, I’ll keep it in Mind if I do a remake. :wink:
It’s just that it took 3 hours and 24 minutes to render this image… :frowning:


way cool work! That must have been a craxy render, cuz u have a pretty fast processor


fetching work! the men looks like the leader of norrtth Koreeaa.:thumbsup:


A different view of the model.


Light Testing…


deffenitly front page stuff:scream:


Refreshing style: no crits :thumbsup:

Front page for me too!


indeed refreshing and original.
i like it very much.
i do agree that some more influence of the character’s style could have
been applied to the environment.

well done.


Great work,
the character kinda remindsm me of Christopher Walkin!


I don’t know why, but this character kinda reminds me of:’s_Out/recess_school’s_out_013.jpg


But nice work, good lighting and I like the motivation behind it!


am i the only one or does he remind me of old cartoony Christopher Walken?:slight_smile: