Cheshire Cat, Brian Pember (3D)


Title: Cheshire Cat
Name: Brian Pember
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Photoshop

My take on the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Didn’t originally intend it to appear so spooky, but I liked the dramatic lighting. I also tried some texturing on the trees, but in the end went for a flat (less realistic) finish. Struggling a bit with balancing the cartoony style with realism.


hehe I like it a lot ^^

I have just one minor crit about shadow areas that could be worked to prevent plastic effect on the materials .
Perhaps some fill lights could help with that, while enhancing the contrast between light and shadows areas.

But again it really is a minor crit .

Good job done :wink:


Great cartoony style, my only recommendation would be to make the smile brighter.


Dig the style.

The flat horizon just bothers the composition a bit. Maybe add some trees and make the horizon more angled or rotate the camera.

All and all a successful image. Good job


Great feedback, thank you. I’m going to do another pass on this and try to incorporate some these suggestions. thanks all.



Bummed that I missed this when you first published it. I know nothing about Maya, but I like this image a lot.


I keep looking at that big yellow dot. Maybe you could move it or scale it down…


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