CheeseGrater Mac For Sale


I am selling a 2009 MacPro. Without a doubt it’s been my best, most reliable and most enjoyable computer I’ve ever owned. But since I moved to PC (and have two robust PC systems) I don’t use it often enough anymore to justify keeping it.

It’s faster than some 2013 Mac Pro models.

I tested this morning.
Cinebench: OpenGL:
40.66 FPS

CPU test:

-Dual CPU…8 core, 16 thread. 2 x 2.66 GHz
-Nvidia GTX 680 (yes works fine w/Octane)
-480 GIG SSD Boot drive
-3 TB Data Drive
-Adobe Creative Suite 6 (not subscription bound). I’ll leave that installed. At your discretion you can casually assume the license and will be the only user accessing that license. I use the latest subscription version on my PCs. Of course you won’t be able to upgrade it but it works fine.
-MS Office Suite…the same.

Excellent condition. Will ship in original box. It will only come w/ third party keyboard, mouse.

Price: $820


Its a good price for a solid machine! - shame it’s across the Atlantic from me though, or else I’d have considered it :confused:



Yes I think the value is superb. It will make sense for someone here or elsewhere.


I’ve posted this in the MacProUpgrade Facebook group, hope you don’t mind.


Thanks for that!


While we’re at it,
I have a wooden leg and lawnmower I want to get rid of. Make an offer, I’ll throw in some free coffee filters.


Interesting attempt at humor. I guess.

Macs retain their value for good reason. And this machine will out-perform the entry level MacPro going for over $3k at the Apple store.

This week I’ve seen Mac Pros on eBay for over 1k…and those don’t have ample SSD, nice GPU. But I won’t try to convince anyone.


Oh my bad, this isn’t craigslist?


I thought someone here might have an interest and it would be a win for a 3D/motion artist. In case you haven’t noticed we’ve had a number of people sell 3D licenses here…Modo, VRAY, c4d, etc…and people talk frequently about buying hardware.

I’m sorry you are in such a bad mood. I hope things turn better for you.

As there hasn’t been any interest I was just going to let this thread fade away. You are the one keeping this at the top of the threads with your rude intrusions.


Hey Laurent, why have you copied J. J. Abrams’ company logo? Can’t think of one for yourself?

Oh, my bad. I thought it was ‘everyone be a dick’ day.


wooo Salty!
I use this logo since 2003, why did Abrams’ Company copied it I can’t fathom.


You’re the salty one it would seem. Anyway, Bad Robot was founded in 1998. Nice try.


I wonder how much it would cost to ship to the uk. Any idea!?


I don’t know. I’m re-considering selling it. For sure I can’t discount my price or help w/shipping costs.


i think it makes sense to sell stuff here, especially if you have a reputation on here… it’s not like he came here just to sell his mac pro…

laurent stop being annoying.


Agreed, I think Laurent got up on the wrong side of bed or something, that sort of snark is simply not needed.