Cheers To Rebecca!


This thread is for appreciating RebeccaK’s amazing job at running this forum.

I just want to say thank you for all your generosity in sharing your knowledge and time with all of us here. I’m amazed at how dedicated you are and it’s been great. This forum wouldn’t be half as successful and inspiring and enjoyable without RebbecaK, and that’s a fact!! Thanks :slight_smile:



Aw, I’m so flattered! :slight_smile: Thanks for this, you don’t have to do it ~ I get such an inordinate amount of joy and satisfaction from seeing the Forum blossom and stand on it’s own legs, that it’s just silly. :slight_smile: Really you guys are the ones to thank ~ all of your AMAZING contributions warm my heart, and I would never have imagined such a cool thing as this happening in my life. Checking the forum each morning is the first thing I do / think about, and it’s a little like Christmas every day…finding out what people have posted, what you guys have had to say to each other, etc. :slight_smile: So I am enormously rewarded on so many levels by ‘moderating’ this forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all of you ‘regulars’ and newcomers alike who have made the Anatomy Forum such a success (at least in my eyes). :slight_smile: You guys are completely fabulous and have really changed my life. Thanks to all of you for all of your incredible artistic contributions and for your good hearts ~ it really is an inspiration to me on many a level. :slight_smile:

And, as I’ve posted in the Announcement area, I have not forgotten you guys just because I’m inordinately busy with the CGWorkshop! I may not be able to post as frequently, but I certainly wish I had the time and energy to. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to add that those of you who have contributed Tutorials as well as your work have added a tremendous amount to this forum, without which it would not be the same. :slight_smile:




Yeah Here is to you Rebecca. You wonderful insight on converting me to being an impressional painter…

I can not thank you e nuff. And thanks for taking time out of your work time to crit my stuff know that you should be working.

Rebecca you rock.:buttrock:

P.S. I hope you not mad. I had to do it. One more thing, what is my next assignment. Your falling off on pushing me.


ROFLMAO…:scream:…I really do need to stop posting my childhood pictures…the real thing was traumatic enough!!! :scream:

Thanks for the tribute, pushav hides in shame, doubled over with tears of laughter mixed with a general horrified euphoria :scream:

Ok, that definitely deserves a…

There is definitely a worn space in my carpet from all the ROFL!!! :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I thought it was a nice picture IMHO. That was the last of the “Rebecca series” by Pusha V.

I tought I turned your worst expeiences into works of art.LMAO.



I think it’s a good one, too! But mainly, I’m like:

Goodnight! :scream:



Lol You can return the favor whenever. Lol. I never have a bad picture day. Oops my nose fell off again. LOL.
Am I still on thin ice? I hope you rotate your rug. LOL.


Seriously people, if Rebecca does another CGWorkshop (AND YOU’D BETTER!), you have to come and join in. If you thought her focus on your work was decent in the forums, you ain’t seen nothing yet! It’s only been the first week and i’ve learnt an immense amount.
Beware the iron fist of Instructor Kimmel! :scream:


ROFL, Martin, I thought it was ‘pencil Nazi’? :scream: Speaking of which…get back to work!!! :twisted: :scream:


Thanks, Martin, it’s a blast having you in the class. :slight_smile:




Iron instructor LOL. She still is hard on me even when I do good lol. Hmmmm. I think I may do a master copy? Oh no it is working.


Oh, now don’t go passing all the credit on to other people. We all know who is doing the heavy lifting around here. :smiley:

 Seriously, you’re helping and motivating a lot people around here.  Probably more than you know.  Now we just have to find a cloning machine




Thanks :slight_smile: ~ your comments are sweet. But I don’t know that the world needs to be inflicted with another Rebecca. :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



damn…what a cheesy thread,i mean damn, its packed full of fromage.:smiley:

but yeh,i remember when RK first came here,and i wanted sum books by her…but they never came.

:deal: i want em books!!!


Lol books. She promised me a dvd if I did a master copy. I wonder if that bet is still on?


Yay Rebecca!!! :slight_smile:



Thank you so much Rebecca for generously sharing your time and knowledge with us! It’s been rewarding and fun.
:applause: :applause: :applause:



I’ll gladly join this chorus. I’m amazed at how much and how freely Rebecca offers her support and expertise to this forum. I think I have a little idea what that’s like as I co-moderate something similar myself (with admittedly MUCH less knowledge…). Even so, and perhaps especially given that, I am extraordinarily impressed with what Rebecca does here. I’d say “my hat is off”, but well, it’s probably a little late for that (lol).

Thanks for letting me be a part of this forum too, Rebecca, and three cheers for you from me!



Thanks a bunch hon, you’ve done amazing work here! Great to see. :slight_smile:


Thanks! That’s really nice of you! It’s been great to have you as part of the OFDWs, and I hope you will continue to collaborate with us. :slight_smile:

I’d say “my hat is off”, but well, it’s probably a little late for that (lol).

ROFL!!! :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Here here! Where’s the darned worship emoticon when you need one? Deepest thanks for sharing your knowledge so unselfishly and replying to practically everyone who posts here, and for expanding the anatomical knowledge of those wanting to learn, along with the odd bit of smile-raising spammage. All your time and work is much appreciated. :applause:


i wanted to thank you Rebecca, i never posted in the Anatomy Forums before… but i always check out this forum, its amazing… and your work in here is remarkable :slight_smile:

i hope i can contribute in here someday, i’ve done some exercises, but i need to study more in order to contribute to the forum to grow

:buttrock:gg Rebecca