Cheers!, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)


WoOw It’s Awesome :thumbsup:
How Much did it take with u To Done ??


Another fantastic work! Bravo!


wow it’s really really good!!
great work my friend, keep it up!!




woooow! i love this character! she’s so beautiful. nice work!


Love this image, my kind of girl!


Amazing job, seriously. Like the style and colors and lights its so cool.


I like this style !Very beautiful! :slight_smile:


we would lie to see some poses in wireframe too


Nice work!! congrats Carlos :beer:


Carlos, you are really awesome! I love the style of your females and you always do a great work on the texturing and rendering.

If you have some time on your hand would you mind sharing some WIPs with us? What skin-texture did you use and how did you make the knitted stuff?

Sorry if I ask things someone experienced would know - I am still fresh in terms of texturing.

You did great and I love your works (if you klick on some good images its a 1:5 change it is one of your works - feels like it :applause:).


Love the character from clothing to shapes lol. She’s a sweetheart :slight_smile:


Beautiful, beautiful work. I love how you incorporated the textures and the styling of the piece is just great. Wonderful!


Nice work man… :thumbsup:


Superb style! Great work Carlos. I’m inspired by this image - it has that romantic feel with playfulness while bringing out the beauty of the female, and giving it that Parisian culture. As they say in french, ‘joie de vivre’.

I’m just re-learning Maya and Lightwave (it’s been a while), but your image alone has inspired me plenty.

Thanks so much for posting this and keep up the great work!


Beautiful image, congratulations. I love her face, her nose, eyes, skin color and the wool. I’d choose a different background though. Bravo! :applause:


Good job. Do you have a wire frame for this model?


Loft the soft details and how you subtley put in some striking details to really set off the art.


I love it much! especially shading and felling.
The fur is hard to rendering. how could you do that.
learn to you!


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