Cheers!, Carlos Ortega Elizalde (3D)


Title: Cheers!
Name: Carlos Ortega Elizalde
Country: Mexico
Software: Maya mental ray Photoshop
Submitted: 8th January 2012

PinUp created on my free time as a virtual new year postcard, it may be kind of a cliche but winter is my favourite season and it always puts me in a good mood, anyway, best wishes to all the CGSociety community! have a great year.


Really nice work.


Really nice character, as always :slight_smile:


But how do you …? I love your characters … :buttrock:



Sweet and clean! And charming… cheers! :thumbsup:

(My best wishes to all ladies in skirt and thick wool tights. Don’t look at right, that’s “pin up”!)


Great image, I really like how you have captured the feel of the moment.


Nice work :applause:


good character! i hope you have more free time, to do more of this pin ups!


WOW! I’m in love with this image,its beautiful.i wish this would be the CG choice award again,congrats Carlos.:applause::applause::applause::applause::applause:


Really nice


wow i like it this looking is very good


Mmmmm… So beautiful!


Lovely image, the composition works great!


WOW! Incredible work! I love the fuzzy cloth and her pretty face and her figure!


Sweet, great picture.


Really nice, and cool wool texturing.


i like it:thumbsup:


Fantastic image.
Posted it on the blog.


Great :slight_smile: Love it!!


Looking good,great job!