Cheers!, Anto Juricic (3D)


Title: Cheers!
Name: Anto Juricic
Country: Canada
Software: Maya
Submitted: 13th November 2014

Here’s my latest portfolio piece based on a concept by Jean-Baptiste Monge.


Wonderful textures and details! Nice work! :slight_smile:


Agree, the textures and composition is well done, just perhaps some more detail to the bottles on the floor to make them more integrated would perhaps add to the image a bit, but overall nice!

Rock on!

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Great work Anto!
Turned out great. Love to see the work in progress screenshots here too.


Great piece.
Only things I’d really pick on are a somewhat weird lensing (DoF decay and perspective really clash), and the RGB bottles.

It’s a bit weird to see a DoF that keeps so much sharp, all the way to the barrels in the back right, falling off to a hazy blur on the table on the left, with those bottles so geometrically arranged, brightly coloured and crisp somewhere mid field. Really took me out of the staging for what is otherwise a lovely composition and management of the spaces.


Thanks guys, I’m glad you like it!
I’m not sure why it looks to you like that, maybe I don’t see it because I’m so used to looking at it. I basically used z depth pass out of v-ray to create the DOF in Photoshop and some haze.
I guess I could have had more control over it if I were to grade it but not to brake the ‘math’ behind it I kept it as it is.
Here’s few WIP images:


Outstanding work Anto. Well done.


great work man


good modelling & very good textures
keep on & good luck


Awesome work, Toni!
Glad to be your student at Think Tank.



here’s a closeup I cropped from a print size render.


Cheers! Awesome character with perfect presentation