Checking if an object exists


I’m writing a script at the moment that will check whether certain objects exist in the current scene…

I’m currently doing it with the following procedure:

global proc int findObject(string $name)
	select -r $name;
	$object = `ls -sl`;
	if(size($object) == 0)
		print("Failed to find "+$name+"
		return 0;
		return 1;

However, if it finds that an object doesn’t exist, the select command gives an error, and no more of the script is executed…

Is there any way of getting around this without writing my own stuff to go through all of the objects in the scene?


try this …

     if (`exists $obj`)
              //do funny stuff

$obj is the object that you wanna ask if it exist :cool:


ah - okay - I’ll give that a go…

When I looked in the MEL reference, it said that ‘exist’ was for checking if a function existed…


oh damn, you’re right … i must lern to read the description first =D …

but try this =D

objExists $objectname;

thats works … you get 0 back if it not exist or 1 if it exist … have fun …



I did go the route you thought at first…

What would be great would be to somehow catch the error that select gives out…

Edit: Nice - thanks - I hadn’t come across that one! Thanks for your help…


with objExists, you can also check if an attribute exists on a node:

objExists ($obj + “.myAttr”)



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