Check walk cycle please


Still a work in progress.

Constructive comments please.

Thanks in advance


The animation requires DviX 5.0.2



First if you dont have the Animators Survival Kit, then go get it.

its a great book for doing walks and stuff.

ok as for the walk, it has a very robotic feel to it, and seems too slow. also everything seems to be starting and stopping at the same time. for example, the arm keys should be a few frames behind the legs. also, the up and down movement needs some work. the body should continue to go down a few frames after the front foot plants before it goes back up again. This will help add some weight that is lacking. but all of this is explained much better in that book, so i suggest getting it. it has helped me a ton.



Everything seems too rigid. Hands, feet, wrists and head dont move at all, need more flexibility (the wave principle). I also agree with jparaventi, when he says that everything starts and stops at the same time.

anticz posted a small tutorial about walkcycles on this forum:

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the comments.

Here is a newer version hopefully a little less stiff.

Still need to animate the hands, fingers, ankles a bit. But I want the legs arm movements done first.

This is a 36 frame animation extented using Messiah Studio’s “Compose NLA”.

Trying to get a “Female Android” look to this character.

I want feminine and yet not quite human qualities to the walk.

Does she bounce enough or too much?

or and Indeo codec version





non of your links work for me. Either it’s Not Found or a page of symbols n stuff.


Just tried the two new ones and they work fine here.

That the ones with the “Ooops” at the start of the message.

Both DiVX.avi and Indeo.avi download and play

Andrew K


huh weird. They don’t work for me.


The elbow joint is placed too high (right now it bends immedeatly after the end of the biceps).


Here is a revision finally.

Two different views. Comments please.

Any smoother?

Andrew K


Well here’s some revisions.

These are previews form Messiah Studio.
All animation is using NLA Compose.
Softbody dynamics to inner thighs breasts, behind.

Hips less pitch, leaning forward a bit more and arms eased in and out.

Thanks again



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