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I was just checking out Side Effects Software’s website & found out they are launching Houdini 5.0.

I talked to some friends who beta tested it & they said it is really great. I heard they are giving away free evaluation at the launch too.


------- info --------

Side Effects Software is happy to
present Digital Domain, and the
company?s work on ?The Time Machine? at our launch of Houdini 5 and
Houdini Select on March 14, 2002. Event attendees will also receive a
FREE Houdini Select Evaluation (details available at the launch event).

The evening will feature David Prescott and his 3D team from Digital
Domain, presenting their work on the DreamWorks SKG motion picture, The
Time Machine. As the film?s CG Supervisor, David will reveal Houdini?s
integral role in accomplishing the 250 breathtaking shots for the film.
The DD team used Houdini to design, animate and render (in Houdini
Mantra) everything from complex L-systems to time-lapse-like

Our team will also reveal the newest Houdini developments, from the
revolutionary interactive animatable handles to unprecedented viewport
workflow. With Houdini Select, priced at $1999, Side Effects Software
brings you a new level of productivity and value, making Hollywood-level
tools accessible to any artist at any facility. Houdini Select is the
latest addition to the Houdini family of industry-leading software used
on such films as 2002 Academy Award nominees, ?A.I. Artificial
Intelligence,? ?Pearl Harbor? and ?Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of
the Ring.?

Event Sponsors: Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems

Location: Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles
Date: Thursday, March 14, 2002

Register online at:
Limited seating so register soon!


you gettin paid to post this in all the topics?:wip:


I wish! :slight_smile:

So, are you going? :wink:


why is this post on the softimage section?


He’s obviously getting paid =P

j/k …

That or you’re just one huge houdini fanboy =)



how much did they pay you?`:) Now we all read it so you can tell us.:wip:


Like I said, I’m not paid. I’m just a Houdini Fan! :frowning:


Hehe that makes sense. I remember when I did that for XSI when it first came out =)



What find funny is that from my cursory glance, darrh only posted to the LightWave and Softimage forum, ignore Maya & 3DS Max :slight_smile:


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