Check Out MY Models for my vfx project!


Hey Guys please Check out my portfolio, there are some models me and my group member have done and we want to see peoples comment about it and we will also post a youtube video of our short film


Great way to get started. Work on getting those models to blend in to your composite. Cheers


Thank you so Much!


If you want to make believable looking vfx shots then you really need to pay attention to how they blend in. The colors specifically in the image you posted. The footage from your camera is very flat, while the 3D models have a lot more contrast. So it’s very obvious what’s CG and what’s not.

Also the models look quite low poly, and that can be fine from a distance, but for closer shots you definitely wanna step up that modeling and texturing, because the closeups will really help sell the effect if they are done right, or break it if done wrong.

Keep improving man! Cheers