Cheapest Renderfarm


Hey guys, just wanted to get some advice. Which is the cheapest online render farm? Which one do you use? They are all a little bit like the online airline ticket purchase companies offering discounts only after a price quote and stuff.

I have 1960 frames at 25min per frame on the i7 2600 4 core 3.7Ghz processor. So it isn’t a massive quantity.


Rebusfarm ? seems :thumbsup: ok I guess…


Make your own farm on amazon ec2.


I’ve used REBUS, and they are fantastic. Not the cheapest, but incredibly reliable, and easy to use.
There was one that was set up specifically for C4D that was really cheap…a search on the forums should come up with something.


Rebusfarm are pretty cheap and very fast and the plugins are easy to use/install.


Depends on the software you use … for 3ds max or Blender I would recommend RenderFlow - they worked fine for me, price was ok and what I liked most was that they offer a demo account where I could test their features for free first …


Well,I have used rebus and Fox render farm before.If you want a cheapest render farm,than I think rebus is too expensive for you.As for Fox render farm,it has a discount to even student,so maybe it is the most suitable one for your projects.
Some other render farms are also not very cheap or efficient,but you can have a look of them.
Here are some links from Google,hope can make a help.


render rocket
per core hour 70$cent/55euro cent --> Rebus per core hour 21$cent / 17euro cent
pay render rocket 5000$ for 30% discont --> Rebus give 30% discount too (up to 60%)

per PC hour (12 core) 4,7$ / 3,7euro --> rebus 2.5$ / 2euro (12core aswell)
pay 4000$ to Fox render to become GOLD member = 2.8$/2,20 euro --> pay 4000$ to rebus =2,1$ / 1.65euro per pc hour
pay 10000$ toFox render to become VIP for 2$/1.57euro per pc hour --> pay same to Rebus is 1,5$ / 1.20euro per pc hour

correct me if i am wrong but RebusFarm have the best price !


How about building your own farm on amazon they have 450000 nodes I think it was. You install your own licenses and render away.
Ive done this many times.

I just checked, dual quad cores spot instance for $0.45 pr hour ( 8 buckets )
If you can grind on linux then you get 8 buckets for $0.216 pr hour

See Jud Pratts videos on “how to make your own farm on amazon ec2

quote Jud Pratt “you can build your own renderfarm with render core costs as low as $0.06 per core hour.”

Can you beat that?
( yes this is most deffinatly a competition question )

if you can, please write. I always look for better solutions. especially something like I got right now ( ec2 ) I can have 100% control over with noone interfearing with my stuff ( an oldschool farm manager forexample or worse )
( worse here clearly indicates something went wrong the day I stoped using anything someone else controls, and no, “someone else” is not in same league as amazon ec2 )

thanks for your support!


EC charge for the network traffic and you pay full hours even you used just the first 2minutes
its very difficult to get a price per core hour here

EC is always cheaper since they not pay for mental ray , vray … but at Amazon is no admin you can call for help nor any 3d specialist
they give you hardware only and in case of problems you are doomed aswell you need to care and Admin all yourself

A pure renderfarm service do that for you and offer immidently access
with the Rebus Farminizer submit plugin its impossible to have missing textures or other problems you will have at EC
our workflow is super simple and bullet proof - just one click to start a render and no EC load image hassle

each sides have pro and contra


Each side has pros and cons 100% correct.

Amazon charge a micro fee for transfering from the cluster to an FTP. you can upload any amount of data you want for free. Just to put that in the right perspective.

I do also note building your own farm there is not as easy as having someone else doing it for you and that costs, naturally. but once it done, its rolling.

Scene issues with missing textures is a user error and I wouldnt recommend anyone to start building their own farm, home or on amazon ( same infrastructure both places ) if missing bitmaps is a problem.

You can build a script that uses Amazon ec2 API that sends your scene from local to cloud in 1 click too.

You can also harnes via VPN: Distributed bucket rendering directly on your screen, however a solid line should be accounted for in this type of setup.

You can make this system for yourself. I have talked to autodesk about selling render power on ec2 via Dev Pay and they TOTALY denied that fits into their EULA.

This makes me question how THIS company pulls their service off as that is essentially exactly the setup I have illustrated for Autodesk. oh and btw, they rip you off too, considering you can hack it together yourself.

I made a concept illustration of the setup and attached it to this post for inspection.


Except for the jobs I launched last week where despite uploading every texture file it claimed to need, the render would fail every time because it in fact often doesnt upload everything it needs. Instead im left to hunt around for some ftp details and manually upload them to fix the job.

Rebus is a nice farm, but the all in one plugin which does everything for you and never fails, often doesnt deliver.


I ask myself aswell how Status farm can be legal.

""Amazon charge a micro fee for transfering from the cluster to an FTP

dont they charge file trasfer between the nodes ?
if i send a 10gb render job i doubt its moved for free to the nodes


i not get your point - you say you had missing textures and job fail ?


Data Transfer IN:
All data transfer in $0.000 per GB

Data Transfer OUT:
First 1 GB / month $0.000 per GB
Up to 10 TB / month $0.120 per GB
Next 40 TB / month $0.090 per GB
Next 100 TB / month $0.070 per GB
Next 350 TB / month $0.050 per GB

"There is no Data Transfer charge between Amazon EC2 and other Amazon Web Services within the same region "

So essentially your 10gb project would load free of cost provided your nodes sits on same data center. And you always do that ofcourse.

If there is anything else, just ask and Ill try to reflect on it.


You might also want to specify what application and rendering engine, and whether you need anything that doesn’t come out of the box or not.

Some farms work ok to good only as long as you don’t have any specific needs such as deploying your own shaders, but when you do two thirds of the offers out there become non options due to not doing it, or having a track record of not doing it right.


I heard that Fox render farm don’t require you to install plug-in,you can upload your rendering files straight on the Internet,maybe you can have a try. :rolleyes:
This is mentioned here:


Their plugin pretty much has one button, “send to rebus manager” which adds it to their queue app. This is supposed to gather all project files, xrefs, textures and send them to the render farm; which it does 99 times out of 100. The problem of course is the 1 time out of 100 where it tells you everything is good to go, but it is in fact missing every frame from an image sequence for example.

You can upload files via ftp but they dont have any details on the website, instead you have to contact them for the server details.

But like I said, its a nice powerful farm with short queues and when it can itll throw 100’s of render nodes at you if theyre free, and the prices and support are very good too. Just watch out for the slightly iffy plugin.


in case of a problem i need to know or I never can polish the submit plugin to reach 100% success
if you have that issues write mail immidntly and we do our best to fix the bug asap

babyhearts , are you payed from Fox ?
each posting you did is about the “cool and cheap Foxfarm”
FOX IS (maybe cool but) NOT CHEAP
during the last days I found such postings a lot on several 3d forums …
how bout “Falen Leaves” from Modo forum ? its maybe you too ?


You are not very polite to say this.
Firstly,I am new to cgtalk,each post? I have posted just three,they’re about render problem,I just want make a help as I used render farm before.If I have said something worry,you can correct me!Plz don’t said such impolite words.Anyway,I have my right to post anything that doesn’t against with the forum rules.

Secondly,I have never registered on any Modo forums before.

I don’t know whether fox is cheaper than you,but there are so many render farms in the world,maybe rebus is the biggest,but it indeed not the cheapest one.
This thread was started by Kinematics,he can make choice by himself,not you and me.