CHARLEY the bears (Cartoon character)


Hi all,
This is my last work. His name is CHARLEY . Here’s a new character i made during last week’s . Rendered with no special renderer, the fur was done with shag hair/Fur … I used 3ds max 5.1…

C+C welcome , I hope you like it!!

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Look like he has been beaten by the crazy stick :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed, he’s got alot of character, waiting for an animation.:thumbsup:


really nice looking fur and expressions on this character, reminds me a bit of one of the toons in ‘Ice Age’


Charley is great!


Nice Character u got there he look funny…
l think now Charley want to move :slight_smile:


Very nice and it only took you the weekend?? you are definetly good.


Good work and morphs :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Dude! This bear is great, all your characters have such a distinctive style, and the expressions on this bear are good…

lovely fur too


The fur is awsome , and the model looks fun…
I’ve seen some of your animations before ,and…i can’t wait to see one with this bear :bounce: :drool:


sqeeze this charcter is really great and you have such over the top morphs/blendshapes they really help capture the crazy appeal… also the bodies simplisity helps draw you to the face. I think your gonna have to do some fun animation with him. Anyway he looks really great thanks for sharing him


Maybe you should try to get a job at BlueSky Studios? :wink:

Looks really great, very much like Ice Age.

But, hey, you make you angry… I thought you’d be animating Arnold, your mouse - And now… a whole new character. I (I guess all of us!) would LOVE to see animations for your characters. Think about it - Your characters would deserve it…


There’s a certain style to this character… it’s really good… really good. I hope to see this animated.


great character. i love how wacky he looks, and the fur looks great.I’d say exagerate those expressions even more though. damn, you really got an eye for fun characters man, keep it up:thumbsup:


I love this guy! Awsome work. He has that twinkle of life that a 2d cartoon has but its cooler cause he’s got fur!! Just about my favorite thing so far on this site…

Keep up the good work!



Hey your character is GREAT as always…you have a greate style!!

Keep up the great work ;D

Massimo :bounce: :bounce:


Thanks guys ! i’m really glad you liked him

Hi Thomas ! for the mouse ARNOLD , i will animate this character soon as possible… but Charley the bear is another idea with more possibility for animation … many short story… with simple idea… Its better than a long short with Arnold (a little mouse with cheese)… its not original… I need to have a great storybord , great idea , great concept , for make original work with Arnold …

Thanks for comment !


in german we say “drollig” :DD. looks realy nice, reminds me a litle to “ice age”.my mother came evenly into my room and said “hey what a sweeet screensaver :love:” to it :thumbsup:



haha awesome character :applause:


Hey Pat

Another caracter that looks really great as usual.
And he’s named just like me. Yeahhhhh!!!

Keep on working!!

Charley :surprised


He looks like a mix of a Ice Age animal (head) and Homer Simpson (body) :slight_smile:
Great work!
Can’t wait for the animation