Charging Kudu, Bill Melvin (3d)


Title: Charging Kudu

Name: Bill Melvin

The Kudu model was an entry in the HCR MINI-Challenge #10: Animals in Motion contest. I finally decided to put it in an environment. I started the model in Cinema 4D. I sculpted and textured it in ZBrush. The hair and grass was created in Cinema as well, using the Hair Module. I combined the renders in Photoshop where I also created the stormy sky. Here is the link to the WIP thread:

Update Jan., 2017: The image was selected for the Infected by Art book, vol. 5


excellent work! 5stars!


whoa! !! :thumbsup:


so nice !:thumbsup:


thumps up from me as well:thumbsup::thumbsup:


It’s awesome work man. Well done!


perfect model absolut fantastic textures Top rate


Magnificent work, has very much liked me an atmosphere, there is a sensation of dynamics and freedom


simply beautiful!
i see that you used cinema 4D
how do you like that program?
was it easy to learn?


Beautiful work…i like the background,awesome :thumbsup:
4 stars ****


Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

I like Cinema 4D and found it easy to learn. I use it a lot for creating 3d elements for illustration work. I heard that C4D was the illustrator’s app of choice. I can’t compare the learning curve to Max or Maya since I’ve never used those apps, but have heard consistently that C4D is generally easy to learn. I also use Modo.


Great scene!! The movement and life of the image are really cool!!


Having grown up in South Africa and having had plenty of experience with Kudu, I have to say, this one is superb. The energy and flow of the animal is spot on, however I think the title should rather be “Fleeing Kudu”! When charging, Kudu lower their horns, intending to ram and injure their oponents. They hold their head high in flight, making it easier to see their way around the dense bush they inhabit.
Excellent peice, well done!


wow, superb work! congratulations!




:buttrock: AWESOME!!! 5*


I really love the fur/texturing. The environment is awesome too. I love the grass it is kicking up (something I would not have noticed if it wasn’t that but it is nice to see you put the time into that, maybe adding a bit of dirt to the mix as well
). The only question I have is about its stance. I don’t know what you were going for, but when I look at this I see the animal in mid-kick. Is that what it is doing? If so when deer, for example, kick up like that they usually do so on both front feet, however this one is just on one leg. It seems a bit impractical for it to be in a stance like this.

Although beside that one staging issue it is, as far as I can say, awesome work. I don’t see many photo-real animal pictures. Great work.


Amazing!!! 5*s:thumbsup:


Thanks everyone for your C&Cs. I really appreciate all of the feedback.

Thanks for your observations. I guess I’m romanticizing the animal a bit here, and am not portraying its true behavior. It is always interesting to hear from people who have these animals in their ‘back-yards’. To me the Kudu is exotic and the closest thing to a Kudu, in my back-yard, is the much smaller White-Tailed Deer, which is a more common sight for me than even rabbits are.

Thanks for your comments. The animal is not in a stance but is intended to be perceived moving forward. At one point in a gate sequence you will find one foot, at a time, planted on the ground. I chose to show this in the original render where the Kudu is on a circular base, statue style.


just wow , 5 stars :buttrock: