Charcters - Exclamation-X Series.


Hi gang. I’m just opening up this area for some models I’ll be remaking based on my Exclamation-X character sketches. Now that I have WINGS3D, I can export my Rhino NURBS surfaces seperately and join them in there so that their poly meshes flow better for animation and stuff. Eventually, I’m hoping to animate them in a short to put on the demo reel I’ve been wanting to make for like…ever. :slight_smile:

First some sketches of the characters and then on to the models later today.

Earl…the evil genius.

The Bad Yolk Gang.


The Undefeatable Chicken (or “U-Chicken” for short)

Ted E. Bear - The big boss of the Mafia.

Exclamation’s Sidekick, “The Target”


The start of “The Target” using unmatched nurbs surfaces at the moment. It’s modeled in halves, I just mirrored for the sake of rendering. Any crits about the designs or questions are welcome.


like the new concepts


Thanks. This is “Knuckles” the rhino. He works for Ted.

The 3D version as it stands now:

Again, this is a NURBS model made up of several surfaces, none of which are attached at the moment. I’ll be attaching them in WINGS.

Just so you can see the amount of isoparms involved.

The Target has two surfaces at the moment, his head and body. Knuckles has his body, his arms, hands, and thumb. All surfaces were mirrored for the sake of the beauty renders.


Cool concepts; can’t wait 2 c the short.


Proportions of the 3d Knuckles model lookin good.


nice to see some nurbs in action, I have almost never used it (just tested it a little when the hype was new) so this will be intresting to follow!

I love your concepts, especially the name of “U-chicken”!


I like the characters you’ve created, this should be some interesting models to look at, definitely going to keep checking in.


Thanks gang. I haven’t been able to work on them all week :frowning: But I’m going to start up on them again today and tomorrow. I hope this turns out to be as neat as I think it will!


just a quick render of the Knuckles model after some detailing in WINGS3D.


MAN! i havent used nurbs since rhino was in beta!
(and once in school)

i never had results like this… great work

for some reason i picture ted e. bear in a hawaiian shirt…
the laid back miami type boss who blows his top when nobody expects it.
soft and cuddly… till you piss him off

with all the people around him who are wearing suits have some of his chest hair coming out over his shirt :slight_smile:


lol…I can see Ted in that scenario, it’s not out of character at all actually. I do all my stuff in Rhino…well, now Rhino and WINGS. Can’t live without WINGS these days. Thanks for the kind words hope to have another update soon but I had to pause to help a friend out…


nice start.

nice to see someone still using nurbs for oraganic models.

that quick render image is getting to me.
i hate the blurry / glow efffect.


Wow, I love the Ted E. Bear idea. I literaly laughed out loud after I read that. Everything’s lookin great, can’t wait to see the final product!



Hey, thanks gang. Sorry about the blurry thing…I’ll try to nip that in the bud next time (not this one, sadly). Here’s a quick comparison of the new Knuckles model to the old one I did a few years back. The old one was a pure NURBS character back when I was still learning things but landed me a print in a 3DWorld article.

I’ll try and keep this post updated often. There’s a whole mess of characters and Exclamation himself has yet to make an appearance.


This will be my last update for a little while. I’m stuck on Jury duty and work nights. :frowning: Today is my only break.

Knuckles in Color (not sure about the scheme).

Exclamation-X himself. Starting the head model in Wings3D:


looking good. models are nice, and i like the style. textures are still rough, but i’m interested to see it when its done. your modeling skills have improved quite a bit between the two versions, keep up the work.


Sorry for the long delay. I was learning to rig in Poser which is a lot harder than it looks.

Finished another model finally. It was made ENTIRELY in WINGS3D using Loganarts’ head modeling tutorial as a starting point. I just kept going once I’d made the head. I actually have to make his clothing now. Almost forgot! This is the Master Ki (rhymes with key), an old’ hero of ages gone by who has taken Exclamation-X under his wing. Much to his chagrin, Exclamation is a bumbling fool and Master Ki’s only hope that his pupil can get through the mission’s he’s sent on is that the Target can keep him alive. A toothless (he uses dentures that always pop out) grumpy ol’ tiger, he’s what Yoda would’ve been were he both Jedi and drill seargent.

I have him fully rigged and I’m using Wings to make facial morphs which is turning out ok. I have a few test animations made up of them that I’ll post for your conisderation.

Oh, and thanks to everyone for their support on my project. It’s appreciated.


Here’s the first test. It runs by pretty quickly but you do get a feel for how the expressions work together. I only wish I’d used some better lighting so you could see his eyes a bit more. Oh well…next time.

Master Ki’s Facial Morph Test 1

(DivX required …version 5.05 or better)