Charcoal Portait of my father


i dont think its all that good (i see a whole lot of things i dont like about it), and the quality of my shitty webcam sucks, but please tell me what you think.


I like it. there’s somewhat of a sombre mood too it…i dont know if that’s what you were going for. maybe a photo would help us better critique your piece? :thumbsup:


I just ran down and took it, he was like, what? huh? post where? shirt? it was funny :slight_smile:


…but I think, if you would draw exactly that pic again, paying more attention on details, it would become more similarity.

For ex. in the drawing he has too much hair in the middle, the whole head is an idea too narrow, and he looks too dissipated on the drawing, on the photo he does not (thank god…lol)

Greetings from Switzerland



the picture was taken after the drawing, i drew the picture buy sitting infront of him whil he was watching a movi, moving around, eating, not really staying still. Plus i was at the low angle which kinda mesed up my proportions, b/c i drew him more straight on then wha i was actually seeing :frowning:


Kinda looks like Jon Voight, good sketch.


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