Charactor : Ashura Box android


Hi ,all ,
first post here , this is the image from 3dtotal boxx contest , the rules is to design the droid that can transform in 3 mode , combat mode , flight mode, mining mode , and here is my entry , my concept is com from eastern god with multiple arm ,
software : maya , photoshop
I have to hurry to finished it 2 weeks (after my daily work) my machine cannot render some part in smooth model , so you can spot some part in low poly , but I decide to leave it as it is , because it’s final result ,maybe I have to rework it in the future ,
need your comments !!!

mining mode

concept art


wow! that is very nice. Now animate him transforming!


thats a super sweet model, and those are really nice textures… i would like to see more contrast in your render, to see what’s going on better.


great transform~!!
i like it so much…can you show how it transform…??


i second that


Thats excellent! Superb design, and textured really well. I love those chunky arms and thighs. Really nice details too, like the missile pods and the extra arms at the back. The only thing im not keen on are his fingers, but i guess they have to be like that for the mining mode. Maybe dirty them up a bit like theyve been used a lot.
Brilliant work!


thank you very much for your kind words :> i’ already animate it but my computer can’t finished render it :< I’m not sure , please check 3d total for my model ,
any comments and critique are welcome


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