CHARACTERS: WoodHead and Slim/REEl


Hello everyone,
I think I finally got this image to work. I would love some critiques. Also, if you like the model, check out the reel. it’s a 30meg DivX compression, but patience is a virtue, or so I’m told.

Thank you.

and the link to the reel:


great reel only crit is the sound fx. other than that its very nice.


THats a pretty cool demo reel man. Very professional. how loing did it take?


i think it took him about 3 seconds a day. =D:beer:

I had to do alot of crazy video refrences for his reel. I remember having trouble limping for woodheads walk, also i got alittle winded doing all those backflip kicks. lol =D


I Like it, they have attitude:buttrock:


thanks alot. any critique will be most appreciated.


:bowdown: :buttrock:
oh man very nice…
great texture … anyway all great…


much better resolution, heh heh, i love it! Slim looks like Ice-T on a bad day (or abducted by aliens). he has so much attitude. perfect. and woodhead’s leg-brace looks awesome. i love midieval medical equipment.:applause: i havent seen the reel yet, but you betcher sassafrass i’ll be checking it out tonight!

the only thing i dont agree with for now is Woodhead’s wrist. or the lack of it. his hand just kind of becomes his forearm at some point. maybe its just the angle, or maybe its intentional, but it could look a lot more powerful with some wrist bone structure portruding on the side. i tried looking up some wrist bone refs on google, but all i got were trauma and surgery photos. :surprised i think im scarred for life


thanks alot for the modeling critiques. I do agree with some of it. do you have any crits of the reel?


i noticed there are 2 threads for this reel now, but i shall continue posting in this one, cuz i like the name “slim” better than “skinny”, heh heh.

to the animation reel, all i can say is: :surprised :eek: :buttrock:

i take back EVERYTHING i said about Woodhead’s wrist looking wonky. his modeling is PERFECT. There is something about Slim’s back that i cant put my finger on, however.

As for the animation, SUPERB!! the deformation of skin is awesome. the characters are very expressive and you obviously did a HELL of a job rigging them. bravo.

the only crits i have are minor ones: like Slim’s face being a bit unexpressive. i understand he’s supposed to have a stone-face, but at least seeing his eyes/head follow where he’s looking could help us connect to him a little more.

the other thing is something to do with your timing. the characters kind of just plow through their key frames, there’s no anticipation or pay off. if you paced their moves a little, stretching them out here and there, it would really help round out the animation. also, that earth ripple at the end, Slim is kind of just knocked over by it. i’d like to see the ripple go through his whole body before he goes flying. just an opinion though.

overall this is great work!!!


oh my my

very nice work man…
about the reel :thumbsup: :bounce: :applause:


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sorry ape this is an old thread, i dont think rick expected it to be awaken from the dead =P


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