hope you like it~


“Access forbidden!
You don’t have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.”

Hmm? :surprised




The upper half of the picture which was loaded looks cool i hope ill be able to see the whole one soon :wink:
nice style


Wow i really love the style and the use of color. Makes me think of donnie darko cross with alice in wonderland crossed with a raver. :slight_smile: Great job! This goes in the inspiration folder!



WOW!!! love the pic, there’s soo much detail! love your style man! it reminds me of tank girl in a way! hehe… beautiful stuff!!! :thumbsup:


Absolutely stunning! I love the colours and detail! :drool: :buttrock:

Why haven’t you gotten a site yet?


wow! what a rabbit!! I like a lot!!! great work!:applause: :applause: :applause:


always surprise,noah!great color and idea.keep on!


incredible style, i love the compostion. the hints of the tale are nice and subtle jsut enoguh to know where it came from, yet truly original


only thing, it’d be nice to have soemthign other than a white back ground

mm… very nice, very nice indeed



Excellent…I love the rabbit skull on her head!
Great job, do you have a website??


Its so small


great work!!!Ilike it:applause:


Absolutely crazy pic! I love it!
Few things for your concideration: The white background as its already said could be filled with something, and the rabbit that is a little rough. Especially his ears. They seem much less detailed than the girl character.
Great work overal though!


The design of Rabbit is great. love it. :thumbsup:


Colorful! Very busy! Excellent, but crys for a background.


I stared at this peice for about 20 min. I love it :beer:


It loads fine to me. Nice piece:thumbsup:


good work…i like the colours u used…:thumbsup:


Beautiful picture Noah!
sooooo cool.
(post this on Gfx and you should get the next elite)