Characters:New Characters!


Hey everyone! Take a look at my test animation of Börje,

Hey every one heres two new characters ive done rescently for my upcoming short film.


those are, um, freaky. I can’t spot anything technically wrong with them and it is clear you are going for a specific style.


Wow, really cool looking characters. I like the second one a lot; kind of reminds me of something out of Invader Zim :wink:


i like i very much, it’s great style, really… i want to see the short…


very nice style, the 2nd one is my fav.


glad to know you people like the characters! Be sure to check out the animatic on my webpage and let me know what you think!


Loved the animatic… that’s going to be an awesome short. It’s seemingly random there near the end… I like that really reminds me of some of my favorite cartoons!



the kids look scary, but it is quite a style


nice style , reminds me of the coke commercial Duran Duboi did.

PS: Please read the gallery rules before posting next time.



Oops sorry bout that. glad you like the style.


love the characters, the second is by far my favorite, i want him to throw his arms up and go graaaaaa! but in the voice of corky from life goes on. nice work again:thumbsup:


love it :smiley:

reminds me of some music video I saw a while ago, about a guy, a mouse and a spaceship… all I remember


:eek: Holy cow!
Those are GREAT! I love 'em!

Dope styles man. This is what CG is for. I love the stylized reality feel, and I’m a giant fan of the creepy but cute muppet/monster world. Which is way more my style then what I get to do at work.

keep it up or I’ll hunt you down and tie to a chair until you do!


love the guy on the bottom excellent work!!!


These are great i really love the characterization.

Although they are very similar in style to a couple of things i’ve seen. I’m not sure who the animation house is, but the music video for the song ‘starlight’ (not sure of the music artist who recorded the song) is very similar in character style. In the video, a little mouse is a dj, and hooks up with a mole type character to start a recording career. It’s very funny.

Also, the coca cola ads in the u.k. which accompany football matches, i think were done by the same animation house and are also similar. I don’t know if anyone else knows who sang the ‘starlight’ song but i can’t remember and its bugging me.

Even still, i love the work.:thumbsup:


:bounce: Hey guys thanks for the replies! Im glad you all like the characters.

>lil´ rothko, Yes i am familliar with the starlight video (wich is great) And have somewhat drawn inspiration from it. The realistic textures on cartoony characters is what resembles it most i suppose. The character design too in a certain sence, although i think the starlight characters look more potatoish in one way. Anyway i tried to be original with the character design, (although its impossible to not be influenced by the art you like) I atleast think i found a nice contrast in the two with the placement of the eyes and the color schemes etc… Well anyway thanks for the input! As soon as the film is done ill post a link to it. Also expect some test animations for the characters in not too long. Im starting on the blendshapes today! Yay!


the second one is real creepy :eek: they look excellent


thanks (atleast i think so) fakie!


i really think they have a certain feel to them :slight_smile: ive seen many childrens books with this type of portrayal for characters, maybe you know what im talkin bout, its very cool! :slight_smile:


those look excellent… nice style :D…