Characters: Monster+Soldier


Hello, I’m pretty new here but I wanted to share this with you :).

This is a monster I made for a contest. Made in photoshop 7

And an futuristic soldier just to try out painting in painter 8.

Hope you like it.


Second guy looks really uncomfortable. The thing around his head is toooo bulky, and im not sure whats up with his calfs.

But the drawings are good.


Nice drawings…but yeah, u might wanan do sumthing abt the soldiers posture and his shoulders…:stuck_out_tongue:


I like it, especially the second one…I think it’s very and characteristic. It’s not sure, that is a human soldier, so the distortion I suppose not a great problem. As I see the calves is thin, so maybe it’s a cyborg, or an alien trooper.


The soldier was suposed to be a human being, but the anatomy isn’t totaly correct. But normaly I scan in a drawing and paint it with PS or Paint. This time I did want to make is from scratch in painter with my wacom. When I just finished the painting I thought it was awesome, but now I think it is a boring painting, not enough contrast etc.
I think I did a better job on my second one, but that’s just my opinion.


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