Characters: Lego


Hi there,
this is an image I spent about one afternoon on.
I did it just for fun, so please don’t take it too serious :wink: but C&C is welcome anyway.
I used max 6 for modeling and vray to render.


now lets analyse your scene here, have they already taken his wallet or not…
can you tell me the feeling being expressed here. :bounce:

looks cool, feel this would serve better on a street curb though.
just kidding around. good work


I hope they didn’t take the wallet, as you can see there is my name labeled on the drunken boy’s shirt. :eek:

Btw good idea to use a curb environment, i should have thought of this earlier…


Are you going to keep the environment Lego blocks?

That was funny


i always love lego art. it’s so simple and yet there is a very special nastalgia about it.

here’s a model i did about a year ago that i like to play around with. while in my office i did my best to reverse-engineer the Darth Vader Lego keychain i have using the tools of my trade.

also i through him in a tutorial i did just for giggles.

here’s another where i was just messing with glass materials and the shadows produced through them.


funny piece, just realized those were booze bottles after you mentioned it.

at first i though the guy just died or something?
but yep, makes sense now :slight_smile:

very comical, luv lego art :thumbsup:


I’m glad you liked the image, thanks for all your replies.


hehehe … nice piece, it always makes me smile one grabbed his wallet and he isnt dead. DLD and I ( yellow on black ) just noticed that he got too much beer again. :beer: now let´s see how well get this guy home… :shrug:


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