Characters • Brian, Edge, Pisong, Pisongdesign (3D)


Title: Characters • Brian, Edge
Name: Pisong, Pisongdesign
Country: United States
Software: LightWave 3D

These are two remakes of old (somewhat controversal) cartoon characters I had created in the past. I was furthering my style and decided to re-create the personalities. Thanks!

>> Hi resolution image <<


Hey very cool, what did you use for the skin shader :slight_smile: PS comp?


Excelent work. I was a fan of your previous style, but this new style you are building has much more emotions and meaning. It is on another level. I’ll give you my first 5 stars :applause:


ok if i see one more think like this your going to get it… your not normal and iam going to have to call the goverment on you to take you away… no one should be able to do this…


perfect! this is really perfect!


nice modeling & skin shader:thumbsup:
can you show your wire. pls?

no joy without alloy



ThunderB: Skin shader is made using fastfresnel, layering procedurals and painted image maps on the color, bump, diffuse, and reflection channels.

Cesar: Thanks man, Glad you like it.

xasteycracker: haha, dont make me nervous.

george0280: Thanks man :slight_smile:

coochaki: Thanks, here’s some wires taken throughout the project.


You know I love your Brian, Pi!

Cool to see “Edge” in full body and gear. Very cool boots, and nice stage setup you made around him. From what I can see (the images are rather small) it looks like you have adjusted the arms on him since last I saw it, and I think it looks better now.
Seeing him finnished also makes the tatoo blend in better with the general appearance and not as “out of place” as when you just see his bust.

Good work!


Hi Pi,

Nice wires. I like the direction the new style is going in. Hope to see more:)

Best Wishes



wow those are mad skillz :twisted:


wow !!! i love this style !!!

nice modeling , great job !!!


Great work! The extra attention to texturing really takes those already awesome creations to a new level.


Very nice work Pi… nice new style!! Love it!


cool the swastika wearing guy … could be directly coming out of the movie …
‘’ america history X ‘’
really deserve some stars !!! …
give 5 of them :thumbsup:


Hey man, those characters are looking good, I esp. like the ‘edge’ character, the cloth is really nice, his face reminds me of Billy Zane.

as for crits, I’d watch how you connect the shoulders to the torso, they look somewhat out-of-socket.

cheers, keep up the good work.



Thanks :slight_smile:

Chagidiel: Yeah images are kinda small. Wanted to fit them all on the one hosted submission. Theres a link to a higher res version though :wink:

daveythegravy: Thanks man. Yeah want to do lots more. Learned zillions doing these guys, so I’ll put that to good use on the next.

perko: Thanks, glad you like it!

sH1: thanks man, I’m happy you like the style

Chewey: Hey thanks Chewey!

kurv: Thank you Sir. Its a bit different for me but I’m determined to progress at it :slight_smile:

xtrm3d: Thanks man, yeah AHX was a kickass movie.

KWAK: Kolby, thanks man. The shoulders on Edge were my own little vietnam for a while there. Made me realise just how damn difficult it can be to create mode realistic models that people like yourself are doing. Thanks again, and I appreciate the crit


Your going in leaps my friend.


I feel a lot of “Type’o negative” influence here. Even your character reminds me their voc.
I’m also fun of 3.14… and Max Cohen. Great technique. 5 star theme.


Thanks dude. One question Who’s max cohen?


I love everything about the characters. Just one little thing is standing out to me that kind of annoys me keeping this from being absolutely perfect. On the less freaky character his temple seems to have a round creese in it.

Still. Amazing models. Care to post an ear tutorial any time soon? :wink: