Characters Arm Deforms at Elbow


I have a Character that is deforming at his elbow. His head/neck bend fine in the game platform, but his elbow is freaking out, looking like glass shards, up and down harsh wave like fractures.

Any idea’s on how to get this repaired?

Game platform is Prepar3D V4 (Same as FSX (Flight Simulator X) but more advanced)
3DS Max
Poser Pro for original mesh only, not the bones
Bones installed by

I am really happy with the bones except that this event occurs as the elbow.

I thought, maybe its the angle of animation as I didnt use ‘Local’ on the ‘Rotation’ of bones on his arm. I wondered if I changed it back and rotated it with Local on, if that would help. It didnt. :frowning:

Many thanks for any advice or ideas…

Old Bill of the gigantic silvery eyebrow people…

Here is the pilot in flight simulator. Note his arm is wacked out…

Here is the pilot in Max 2014. Arm is fine, exact same point in animation.