CharacterEnvironment: Time Intruders


This is my entry for the “Time Travel” Death Fall Contest:



Very nice. There’s something that doesn’t look right about it though, probably the lighting. Somehow there’s little sense of dpth in the picture.

Also think that the portal screen should have a different colour, it’s too transparent imo.

good stuff though:thumbsup:


Ya, the materials look ok, and the models looks good, but the lighting needs some work. I like the composition and the idea.


Thanks for feedback.:slight_smile:
I’m really interested: any suggestion about improvment of the lightning/sense of the depth in the scene?
Thank you in advance.



I really like it. A lot of small details that fill this image. Good job :thumbsup:


The texturing on the dinosaur looks nice. I’d like to view some close-ups to see some of the detail work.


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