Character: Zero


This is Zero based on the character from megaman X
I started on this character about a year ago, things came up and it got left on the shelf. Now I have some new concept art by Sean Mcmurchy and a small amount of spare time for personal work.


EXCELLENT job so far

the only thing that looks slightly off, is the length of his arms from the front view, but that may just be the view.
the mesh is [b]superclean



You got me all excited. I saw the name Zero and instantly thought of this…

Oh well, I suppose I can ABIDE a megaman universe Zero. There needs to be more Code Geass love here though (contemplating adding a couple Burais to UT3, personally).


very nice model


Nice so far, but I think the legs look too much like pants.
Perhaps you can put in for of a joint look were they connect to the groin.
Just a thought.
Keep up the good work.


Looking good, are you doing this guy next-gen or old school?


Sorry for the lack of posts. I should have more time after this week.

I’m going to do this character with out normal maps and with a polycount around 10k
All of his joints need a bit of thought. I always struggle a bit with androids

The mega man X titles, from my perspective, have been about humans suppressing a worker robot revolt by reprogramming older model military reploids. So I’m building this character as more of an antagonist then protagonist.

my goal with this project is to convey a sense of both age and savagery.


At last an update.
I monkeyed a bit with the length of his arms, (and probably will do so some more)
I’m not super happy with his abdomen as is. I might give it a cleaner more organic look.



well lighting could use some work

Man, your efficiency in balancing form and topology always blows my mind. I’m personally not too familiar with much Megaman design, but from what I see, you’re right on Sean’s concept. The back side of him, specifically around the should blades could use some further form variants based on the front? ie: more whizbang flare and stepped edges etc. Don’t forget about movement. I see Sean’s blue areas would be a soft fabric. Not too sure how his gut would bend as there’s a plate there. Contrast between hard/soft object materials will either make it or break it. Actually, it looks like his belly plate might actually blend into a unprotected soft fabric around his lower back… maybe some medieval inspired plates integrated into the small of his back? Could do the stacked terraced plate look above his ass. Might be off concept, but if you gave those wrist thingers a thumb hole, his fingers would be better integrated into his amour, he’d have greater range of movement and you could exaggerate the knuckle bits more (which seem like a key area of focus). Think boxing glove but with lazers…

Is the back of his helmet a window to his mind?

Post them feets too eh



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