Character : Woman face


Thanks guys for your replys, I’m trying to get better hairs with hairfx but thats hard and not as clean as poly-hair. So I’m still testing…

HaloAnimator, Nathellion, Master X, lazzz: Thanks guys!

mac_andre : I don’t know about changing the background color. That’s a good idea but I want to keep that candy style :slight_smile:

V!nce : Thanks! Don’t know maybe it’ more the pink backlight on the right that gives this waxy effect. I’ll maybe try to reduce SSS.

HaloAnimator, Nathellion, Master X, lazzz: Thanks guys!

Lybra : I love that pink :slight_smile:

Andy H : Indeed, I use trasparency map for each lock of hair. But the map is almost opac in the center of the mesh so, combined with its shadow, it doesn’t look that transparent when viewed from the front. I also have a base mesh that cover the scalp (1st picture posted in this thread) which avoids having holes in the hair.


Hey Reiv! Very beautiful work. Your best model imho. I like background color tone, and reminds a little final fantasy game intros style. Looking forward to see updates and higher resolution of image.


Hi there,

Thanks reef :slight_smile:
I’ve worked on the hair and I finally keep my old method : polygons :slight_smile:
Here is what I get (scarf needs little tweaks and lips more reflects) :


Amazing work again ! Really love your style ! Can’t say much more.

Cheers !


Whoa! Thats ace!

Great skin shading and the hair looks fantastic. I like the colours too - makes a change from your usual darker tones.

My only crit is that the eyes seem a little glassy and glazed right now, also, the hair pin at the top of the image looks really wierd. Im guessing its transparent, and is showing the backfaces through the shader?

Keep it up - im guessing this is definately gonna be in the exotique book!


Truely amazing work!

Love the style!


Absolutely amazing. I love the pink background and the soft look of her skin. Really beautiful work.


madskillz18 and SUS : thanks for your comments
Andy H: Thank you very much for your constructive comments. I use the mental ray (workin with 3dsmax) glass material for the pin hair maybe from this pov, you’re right it looks wierd. I’ve slightly rotated it in the following pic. About the glossy eyes I like that but maybe I’ll tweak it in the next update :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is, does anybody see something wrong? any idea or advices? Thanks in advance.


Much better render. I like the addition of the highlights on the lips and under the eyes. It fleshes it out more in my opinion. I don’t mind the glossiness of the eyes. I think it adds to the feel of the image. Candylike, for lack of a better word. :slight_smile: Great work.


La classe mondiale, comme d’hab.

the eyes are a little too shiny and refractive.

The nostrils could me more deep.


great work :thumbsup:

got couple comments tho

1- the nose is little bit waxy i think.
2-the jaw bone looks very smooth to me much more than normal
3-the eye brows are little bit to flat to me :shrug:

i got one question.

how do you get those great reflections on lips no matter what i do i cant get it like this.


:love:hi reiv, love to see your new updates !

questions :

  1. shadow on the neck… it was dark-black/gray shade as in your previous renders, but its coming nicely with an orange-reddish shadow. Is it the lighting that influence it ? is it the SSS setting ? or is it a post work ?

  2. On the face side… the shadow has a bit of a green fall off… a greenish color, why is that ?

I also notice 2 colors on the lips… nice approach.:thumbsup:


NB: oh man, I wish I can see your current fast-SSS setting :bowdown:


That’s great work for sure! The head looks fantastic, also I like the material of the barrettes very much.
Only crit I’d find is that the cloth around the neck is perhaps a bit too loose.


texxx : merci :slight_smile:

MSB : Thanks, I’ll work on that! ABout the lips relections that’s quit’ simple. MAke your lips reflective and add big boxes visible through reflection with a self-illuminated white texture. Set the output of the white diffuse color of this material higher than 1 if you want bright reflections. Same trick used for the eyes :slight_smile:

dees : There’s a pink back light thats why the shadow looks orange on the neck. The green tones are due to a color balance filter. I use quie the smae technics as I’ve used for my picture Inaë, check page 8 of this thread. Thanks for your comments!

wayfearer : Thank you, maybe I’m gonna work on that too :slight_smile:


great work ! can you explain a bit how you do the polygon hair ? it looks really good. :slight_smile:


c’est superbe :slight_smile: Y’a pas a dire, t’es vraiment un maitre :thumbsup:


reiv it look amazing. another one of your works has been set to my desktop background ,i alway get a welcome surprise when i close every thing down and see you work looking right at me. it has a lot of story behind it i love that about this peice .the sss shader adds that little bit of realism but not to much supurb rendering. 10/10


ryan2x : Merci!

ROWAN : Thanks :wink:

sebek27 : Hair is just plygons planes with the following maps:

Here is an update : I’ve modified eyes, color balance, scarf, nostril, eyebrows, other little stuffs :). Also the centering/framing is different because I want to get a portrait (I mean not a landscape picture). Any suggestions about this?


It look’s great.:thumbsup:

Maybe to dark shadow on neck under jaw.

But everthing else is very integral.


This looks just like a photograph! The work is amazing.

The thing that really impresses me is how effective the details are, but not overly complex. Simple clean skin, eyes, and lips but so realistic. I have no idea how you did it.

I would like to see some texture examples is possible?