Character : Woman face


For my 3525832th woman face :slight_smile: I’ve decided to try to make something maybe less static than I usually do, I mean with a more natural pose. Here is the beginning of the face. It’s quite advanced because It’s based on my previous model (Obsidian Eyes). I dont think this time I’ll make big high rez maps for the head, I want something clear and soft. Anyway, here it is.


looks nice =)

The nose could use some more width and the ear looks a bit stretched.


Encore un model de toute beauté en préparation
Je suis un de vos grand grand fan. énième demoiselle mais surement énième award :eek:

Another gorgeous model. You must have some secret tool, click and drag to create a beauty :slight_smile:

Please an update soon :bowdown:


no critique… face shape is A okay:thumbsup:

love the beautiful work always


Thanks guys for your comments!

Lybra : I’ve made the nose slightly larger and un-strech theear, but you cant see that here :slight_smile:

Zapan : Thanks tu fais du bon boulot aussi :slight_smile:

Dees : Thanks!

Here is a little rendering test, to show you what kind of mood I want to got, as I previously said something clear, soft and desaturated. The lighting setup here is very simple : a skylight and a slight area light.


yep nice work.

U could make a “cold nature” background, a fade between autumn and winter, and some “wind particles” if u know what I mean :slight_smile:

keep it up!


I feel like I’m giving Da Vinci advice but the only thing I’d say is a tad more randomness in the hair and line. As well, some hairs dropping down in front of the ear would be a nice touch.


Lybra : yep thanks, I know what you mean :slight_smile:

Mr. Positive : hair is just temporary here and so are the pose, the maps, the rendering and the background :slight_smile:

Next step finding : a nice pose. I don’t even know if I’ll rigg something or model her directly in pose.



Hi, I’ve worked on that picture a lot and it’s become really different form what I wanted to do. I wanted something natural, soft, not saturated… but It started when I’ve made her blonde-haired, then I had red/pink make-up on eyes and lips so I now get a color scheme that I’ve never used before: pinkish colors :). Anyway, here is the pose I choose for the final render.

Attached picture : a small preview of what I get from a slightly different point of view. I’m gonna post something better soon.



This is awesome…i really like the pose!
Could you briefly explain how you do the eyes? i mean shader and texture, because i think thats the hardest thing with a realistic face, but your eyes are looking gorgeous! Pls share your technique! :thumbsup:


Thanks Grashupfa :slight_smile:
About the eyes this is quite simple : they are made with two concentric modified spheres.
I attached a simple picture explaining the thow spheres shapes.
-The first one is curved in th pupils zone. Its texture is a basic texture with your eye color map. You can also add slight SSS to get something more diffuse.
-The second, slightly bigger than the other one, is convex above the iris/pupil zone. Its texture is purely transparent with fresnel reflections. It should look like water.
Finally put an hdri map as envoronnement map for reflections or make big white boxes only visible through reflection/refraction with a self-illuminated white texture. Set the output of the white diffuse color of this material higher than 1 if you want bright reflections.
I attached a simple picture explaining the thow spheres shapes

Here is what I get:



many thanks for the explanation, very kind from you :slight_smile:
Your picture kicks ass, i have nothing to critic so far, except that the hair is at some places too transparent (at the very left, you can easily see the strings/stropes even through the hair)
I’ll give you 4 stars, you definetly deserve them :wink:
Keep going! :thumbsup:


you model looks very natural to me. great work :thumbsup:
what about a contrast color like a dark green for the background ?


Wow, impressive, as usual !

I think the SSS is a bit stronger, give her a bit wax look. But damn, the face is near to perfection. Be careful, we see the ribbon through the hair :scream:


man, that is a kick ass female character…I cannot wait to get my hands on XSI and start modelling a female character… :slight_smile:


I think even the most adamant hater of teh CG babe would have a hard time disliking this piece.

Great stuff.



Very neat stuff :o

Only thing that I dislike: the pink color is to strong imo :slight_smile:


Woo! I get to see a reiv masterpiece in the making!

Top job so far - shes got a really purdy face, and i love the dynamic properties of her hair on those latest pics. How did you acheive the hair blending into the skin? If i understand your wire correctly, youre using a transparency map? A good method, but doesnt that mean that you will see under the hair when viewed from the front? you must be a texture ninja because your hair geometry always looks so simple, and acheived using few layers and pieces, yet the end result is excellent. Nice to see she has lighter hair than some of your other models.

Also, are you using good ol’ 3d studio max?

Looking great - im sure it will turn out brilliant!


Absolutely superb.

Any advise you can give me on my model would be greatly appreciated.


excellent work man…i love the stylized look you went with…