.:Character:. =Wolverine=


It’s looking a lot better now, the details are softer as needed. I’m not quite sure why you’d want to go for the younger look, the head you’ve got before had more of his personality in it and the scruffy look, just the details needed a tweak. For me at least, you’ve lost some of his personality in his face with your new one, but the modeling is better.

Looking forward for updates, by the way you could still go for the old version look since the torso you’ve got there could pass for a physically ripped and elderly torso anyways.


I say keep working of this… just put a bit more wolverine into it. Perhaps more dynamic forehead wrinkles, larger cheekbones, and some side shots would be cool to see too. Sweet torso… solid modeling.


very nice contours man!! :thumbsup: he reaally looks like wolverine from the comic book:bounce:


that is a damn nice torso for sure, great work null. His ears are a bit funny though


great anatomy man, great great work.


Wow impressive work ! :buttrock:
I’m agree with Scorcho, you can put a little bit of “Wolverine” into it but your new version is great ^^

Superbe travail :wink: vivement la suite !!


DAMN!!! :deal:

Thats cool stuff :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Keep up the GOOD WORK dude. I like it! Hmmmm…do I smell frontpage here? :thumbsup::applause:


Wow! the modeling is impresive!!..and you have not even used zBrush!!!:buttrock:
Keep the updates!


the mucle and anatomy work on the body is awsome, holds true to actual form but is also stylized, great work.


damn nice job so far dude, keep up the good work,


Thanks a lot for the feedback, I will be posting shortly the back view of the torso. I will focus on the face reworks after that to get back his personality in it. By the way, I was thinking to just do a bust with one full arm and only part of his other arm; posed up and all, what u guys think?

Jinian: Thanks, maybe I’ll still go for an older version of him. When i get back to the face I will experiment different things while working on his facial expresion and such.

Scotcho: Thanks, I’ll be going back to the face soon, thanks for the tips.

phoenix_ACE, Ofitiu, taisir, archie1181, gunslingerblack: Big thanks :thumbsup:

OptimusDinkus:Thanks man, is the actual ear modeling weird of the placement?

TheRedeemer: Merci, je dois vraiment retravailler son expression.

AndrewHwang: Thanks, I’m glad it’s giving the impression of being a plausible muscle system while being stylized.


Hey, I think its the inside of the ear that doesnt look right, at least not as strongly modeled as the body or the head for that matter.


hi guys, I reworked the face, the cigar is a place holder and the mouth isn’t modeled accordingly to the cigar being there yet. And the hair…well…it’s hard, but when you least expect it…BAM!, it will come up in an update.

OptimusDinkus: ok cool, I briefly looked over the ears, maybe in these renders with more views you will find it better :thumbsup:


THIS LOOKS Great!!! :thumbsup:

Let the ears and the mouth as it is!!

i love his grimmy, angry look - and let the hair off, then he looks like myself :smiley:

i love him!:love:


hands down awsome man, although I already told u that, but it looks amazing…he looks ready for war…


Wonderful. You’ve definitely recaptured the essence of his personality again, good comeback. The details of your torso are also very well sculpted, but the wireframe doesn’t look too good for the backside. Looks a little messy, and you’ve lost the grid-like form in your wires that make texturing and weighting a lot easier, not to mention functionality of the model as well. You may not want to animate this character, but my advice to you if you’re going to put it in your demo, the wireframe is just as important, especially when applying to animation studios.



great stuff as usual Pierre. i like the current look of the face far better than the previous 2. It’s hard to tell as of now, but it looks like his torso is pretty long which would indicate he is a tall individual. you might want to keep in mind he is only 5’3", but of course this is your take on wolverine so by all means do as you see fit. i just wish i could see a finished vlassic pic. oh well, maybe someday.
keep up the amazing modeling, your work always makes me want to fire up maya and start creating.


really great sculpting- impressive clean wires, looking forward to a textured version… will look perfect if you get the hair worked out


nice, man you captured him so greatly, very awsome job.