.:Character:. =Wolverine=



Click on links below for high resolution renders:

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—> hires image2
—> hires image3

Hi guys, here is my take on Wolverine. As you can see, it’s very stylized; the textures will be realistic and finer detail added later. I just wanted to establish the style first. I’ll be working on the hair next, let me know what you think so far. :wip:

EDIT: ps: totally forgot to mention he will be an older version of wolverine, in his late 40s.


Damn, you are a modelling machine. You are making my favourite character in the Xmen. I will be watching this thread.

Kashif R.


Great to see you’ve got another character coming along. This is looking good and i know it is stylized, but in my opinion i think the details may be a tad too exaggerated. Almost seems like an enormous wind is trying tp blow the front of his face off. I could only suggest toning down the wrinkles and sculpting them so they seem like chisled on to the face rather than looking like its being pulled by gravity or something. Those are my two cents, keep up the cool work!


I like him from the front. Two things though he looks like an older version than Im used to seeing. That is he looks around mid forties… ish. (Not a bad thing if thats what your after) And also from the side his undercut jaw looks a little strange. I like the wrinkles though. Can’t wait to see the hair style and sideburns.


This is looking rockin man, but I gota agree with Jinian about the massive wind attack. I think something else that’s taking away for me is I cant really tell what he’s doing, it looks kinda like a snarl overall but there also seems to be a smirk/menacing/neutral look on his face, Im kinda not sure what he’s thinking. Great poker face though.

I think a lot of the muscle tensing is lacking the “Cut in/Cut out” and all seems to be jsut radiating outward, giving it that “windy” affect.

I did some drawovers, hope it helps:

It’s just hard to describe some of the places, especially around the mouth, so I hope that makes sense. He also seems to be lacking that dominant jaw from a mouth gritting firce face look, assuming that’s kind of what you wanted to go for. Another thing was the outer eye squit thing just seemed to be too bulgey too far back taking away from where the actual orbit is and leads right into his temple, seems a bit too much to me. The jowel needs to be a smidge lower too, seems to be hugging his lower lip too much. Also, the cheek bone seemed really high and too far back towards the ear. The last thing would to just push the silo a bit more, really work with his characteristics and sell that face man, lot of emotion and anatomy/definition to work with, take advantage of it.

Looking great though man, love your work and Im really stoked to see where you take this.



You are a non-stop model man… :wink:

I think he´s looking old with those wrinkles… i agree some of these are misplaced
(overdone look´s like a scar!).

Give us some beard!


hey guys, totally forgot to mention when i posted, being half asleep, that I’m going for an older version of wolverine…around his 45-50s. In any case, there is a bunch of things I will be tweaking after reading you guys comments, big thanks. Once the base is done, I’ll do the finer detail in zbrush

HaloAnimator: Hey, thanks for passing by, glad you like it :thumbsup:

Jinian: Hey good stuff man, thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be playing with the hair a bit and going back to the face for more adjustements.

streetsy: hey man, I edited my post saying I’m giong for an older version of wolverine, my bad, totally forgot to mention it. Thanks for your comment.

mooingCow: Thanks for taking the time to do a paint over, they are always great to get your point across. You’ve mentionned lots of interesting points, I’ll look at each one and see how I can incorporate it in my next update. Thanks for the detailed critic. :thumbsup:

DieByTheSword: Yup, he will be an older version of wolverine, I’ll review the wrinkles, thanks


Man I can’t wait to see where you going to go with this, but one thing you can’t forget is his cigar, that is key. Are you going to give him the wolverine suit or you gonna give him everyday clothes?



I think it’s fair to mention, nobody knows just how old he actually is. Remember, he’s been a soldier, a samurai, an experiment, and an X-Man. The healing factor keeps him young. So my estimate is that he’s actually more than 50 as of current canon.

Still, it looks good. However, with a little bit of seams and tweaking, you could turn this into Apocalypse.


Quick post before falling asleep on my keyboard, reviewed things all around and added some place holder hair to get the feel of the character.

Lordrych: Won’t be forgetting the cigar, coming soon :wip: He will not be in his suit, he will have ripped apart T-shirt and pants, showing parts of his torso through.

Thr35h0ld: wow didn’t know wolvy had been so many things, pretty cool! I don’t think I’ll turn him into apocalypse hehe, although it’s a pretty cool character.


Nice update. The only thing really bothering me is the area just below his lips where his joules are. Perhaps a smoother transition in the middle there and have it a little lower. The crease on the bottom side of the bottom lip is a bit too much imo. Also kind of looks like he has a fatman chin with the dimples. Were you able to find ref shots of the back of his head?


i’d have to agree with scotcho…looks like he’s got dip in his cheeks


Dude, I hope you are going to use SSS Fast Skin on him…the hair looks good as a placeholder… :slight_smile: keep it up


Great model!
I love his expression ! :bounce:

Keep the updates coming!


great interpretation of an aged wolverine. :thumbsup:
some parts are maybe a bit exaggerated, but i guess thats just personal taste.
looking forward to the next update.

keep going mate. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, recently got back to this guy.
I will be taking a different direction with him; more realistic and younger.
The back of the torso isn’t done yet, hope you like these changes.

Scotcho, daraeill: Agreed, his features are now more relaxed. I don’t have ref of the back of his head yet, but I’m sure there is a few out there.

HaloAnimator: Yup, I’ll be using a subtle SSS, and will be going for a realistic skin shader.

SUS: Thanks mate

D-E-A-N: I got bored of the stylized version I did, hope you like the new one better.


wolverine is like 200 years old according to the comics, meaning in the xmen movie he is at least 200. so he must be really friggin old to be aged.


wow… the modeling rocks :buttrock: wolverine rocks :buttrock:
i was liking the stilized way, but this one is great also
and thats it for my constructive criticism! lol! :smiley:


for a 200 year old man he is ripped:D Great work man! but I also thought the stylized version was cool.


Thanks for the quick feedback guys, maybe i should do a blend between the very first head and this one…I will test it out, because right now he lacks character. But i do want something a bit more realistic and have fun getting a human skin texture. Thanks for your thoughts :slight_smile: